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She Who Dares – Nothing is Impossible

The other week the team at She Who Dares sent me a gorgeous wicker hamper full of goodies.  After digging through I discovered one of the gifts was their signature perfume. 

A bold floral fragrance that can be worn day or night, however for me it is a bit too strong for the day.  It is well known that fragrances sit differently on each person, so you will know what does and doesn’t work on you.  I love a light floral fragrance normally so this an exciting change.

I love the design of the Eminence perfume bottle it just oozes elegance, making it perfect for a treat for yourself or a glamourous gift for a friend. It is £45.00 per bottle and can be purchased here;

There was also a Eminence scented lotion which was a refreshing change from other perfumes, this was because the lotion has a softer scent meaning it’s not overpowering.

There was a beautiful silky scarf which comes in two different designs for £20.00* each… Again fantastic gifts! 

Don’t forget to check out the clutches and jewellery on the website, you can also nominate someone who has been inspirational to you..

It’s definitely a website to have a look at

Lots of love,

Annie xoxo 


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