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Breakfast Time with Alpro Toppers #alprotops

Breakfast is the most important meal of the by far.  I used to skip it but found I was ravenish by around 11.30 and would binge eat the compensate.  I now tend to have some sort of healthy breakfast which is museli, oats, nuts, seeds and fruit, topped off with some kind of low fat or fat free yogurt. 

My portions size had actually been large without realising but I invested in some little tubs to keep my calories limited.  My boyfriend and I create our little breakfast pots every morning before work and I look forward to it as part of my morning routine.  

I was approached by Alpro in regards to their new Alpro toppers, which are additions to make your breakfast all the more tasty when using Alpro yogurt.  Now before I go into this I decided a while to try and cut back on how much dairy I was having, my stomach sometime has paddys so I thought if I cut back on items I have a lot of it can’t hurt.  I love rice milk on my cornflakes sometimes and also soya milk is quite tasty.  I never thought Alpro yogurt would appeal because let’s be honest it isn’t dairy… but the team at Alpro sent some flavoured yogurts over along with the various toppers.   

Myself and my other half switched our day to day yogurt with the Alpro flavoured ones; Simply
Plain, Vanilla, Strawberry with Rhubarb and Lemon & Lime – and
countless toppings combinations. I always had my museli but added the flavoured yogurt then whatever topper that complimented the flavours.  

The challenge set by the team at Alpro was to get creative with my breakfast by using different items to create different flavours and textures.

I mainly had some kind of museli combination with my yogurt, because I tend to eat that sort of thing in the morning.  I do however just have the Alpro yogurt on its own and added in some berries and dashes of coconut.  I added this to the simple vanilla and plain yogurt to keep it exciting.

 I think my favourite was the lemon and lime yogurt with my nuts and seeds, especially liked having this at breakfast time.  It was zesty and completely transformed breakfast time.  I’d gone from plain no flavour yogurt to flavoursome deliciousness in a pot! To me this was like having a breakfast on a treat day but it was healthy.  

 Adding chopped up strawberries and raspberries was tasty, throwing in pecan and walnuts gave it some great texture too.  For this I used the strawberry and rhubarb yogurt.  The nuts allowed the combination to be sweet without being just sweet fruits and sweet yogurt.

I was asked at the end of the challenge to select which I liked best but I just can’t.  I think the big eye opener for me was how boring my breakfast had become, I was having the same thing day in day out.  Just by adding a different healthy flavoured yogurt (regardless of toppings) had revamped
my entire breakfast.

Each Alpro topper I used could work with any different yogurt.  I did try putting mint in one of them which was the plain (again to pick up the flavourings) and to my surprise this was really pleasant. 

You may have seen myself with some of my fellow bloggers tweeting our daily challengers? You can see all the delicious mixes we put together by searching #alprotops or following @alpro_uk

I’m impressed all round with how moreish the Alpro yogurts were and how many varied flavours worked together, and with their yogurts too. I will be adding Alpro every so often to keep my breakfast times interesting.

Thanks to the Alpro team for getting me involved with this challenge.



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  1. November 4, 2014 / 9:05 pm

    These look really good. I agree that breakfast can become boring very quickly. I tend just to have some dull porridge – time to mix things up I think!

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