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Christmas Gift Guide: What to buy for men at Christmas?

What to buy for men at Christmas?

I’m so efficient these days with my Christmas shopping that I now tend to be pretty much done by the 1st week of December.  Gone are the days that I’d be running about on Christmas eve… no, no that is now very much in the past.

One area I do struggle with is shopping for men and in particular my Dad.  Each year I try my hardest to get a gift where a lot of thought has gone into it but never seem to get that “Wow” reaction I crave from him.  Don’t get me wrong he is always thankful but it never seems to trigger any excitement.  So, it’ll come as no surprise that his present is the one of the presents I have yet to buy…

Whichever way you put it men are tricky to shop for, don’t get me wrong some women are too but some kind of pamper set will always be a safe option… men not so much.  Here are some of my top pick ‘easy’ presents for men. 

Men at Christmas

1.F&F Marvel Lounge Shorts Set

2. Paco Rabbane 1 Million

3. Elliott Brown Canford Watch

F&F Suede Slippers

5. Debenhams Star Wars Salt and Peper Shakers

Debenhams Classic Poker Set

7 OnePiece Mens Marius Boxers

8. Sweets of the 80’s

I’ve created a gift board with a few key items that can pretty much stretch across the age spectrum.  I know there are some that are significantly more expensive than others; the watch and aftershave but sometimes there will be an extra reason for a special gift.  For that works as I have my Dad’s birthday, Christmas and his retirement in close together… it does point to a really good present.  


1.  Is the classic nightwear purchase, yes it can be boring but if you have a younger brother or a big kid of a boyfriend something like novelty PJ’s like these Marvel comic ones are great.  They are only £10 from F&F so could be used as one present or if for your partner then a stocking filler.  These are actually lounge wear, so technically you aren’t being boring and going for the ‘get out of jail’ standard PJ purchase.  Don’t forget you can make more savings with Tesco at the moment through their Clubcard Boost… I’m doing it this year so will let you know what I swap my rewards for.


2. This is one of the two most expensive gift ideas on my list.  It doesn’t have to be specifically this Paco Rabbane aftershave but it’s such a silky smell I had to pop it on the list. My other half isn’t bothered about aftershave and the only reason he has and uses it, is purely because I buy him it every Christmas!  If you’re worried that this will cost a lot, panic not…. TKmaxx can be your best friend in this situation.  In TKmaxx you won’t be guaranteed to find Paco Rabbane but I got one of the Ted Baker aftershaves for £16.99 last year and he loves it. 


3. This is the second of the two most expensive gifts.  For a jaw dropping present a beautifully designed watch is a must.  I’d say this is the ideal present for someone who can appreciate the cost and thought that has gone into it, this one from Page & Cooper is £325 but there are other styles and brands available but I personally love this one the best. 


4.  Every Christmas the pair of slippers I got from the previous year will have been worn down.  You cannot beat a good pair of slippers, but depending on age it may be wise to avoid the novelty ones… I know you’ve all seen numerous instagrams of my F&F Hedgehog Slipper Socks but sometimes buying style is best.  They can be super cheap or for a plush pair, pay up to around £30. 


5.  This one is going to be for the geeky Star Wars fan, each family will without a doubt have one and these are just a good fun stocking present! 


6.  Boardgames are still always a good favourite but I’ve selected this Debenhams Poker games because it could be something for more people to get involved with… It could even be a family/friends gathering for a game! 


7. Boxers and underwear are a bit like the classic purchase of PJs and without a doubt they can be very very boring.  The only reason I’ve picked these is because they scream Christmas (as much as a pair of boxers can). Sometimes instead of getting cheap boxers these ones from OnePiece are a solid choice for a gift list… fun, quirky and classic.  Oh and just to give you a bit of Christmas treat…. use my exclusive OnePiece voucher code for 15% off everything! ANNIEBEANXMAS


8.  Last but not least (my particular fave) is the sweet jar as a way to a mans heart is through his stomach… and who doesn’t love sweets?!  Whilst taking part in the Debenhams #Foundit challenge I discovered the numerous choices of sweet jars.  Not only can you buy sweets from the 80’s, there’s the 70’s and 90’s along with a number of other clever combinations.  The huge jars are around £18 but there are smaller ones for cheaper.  

There you have my top picks for the men in our lives this Christmas! Has it helped?  I’d say the majority (apart from Star Wars) can be used for many men that we don’t know what to buy for.  Unless it’s a deep thinking male that will get offended if you haven’t bought something specific, then as long as you give some thought to their likes and dislikes, then you can opt for anyone of these categories listed and you won’t go far wrong

Good luck Christmas shopping for the men and let me know what gifts you find…. share, share, share as I am always after ideas! 



  1. November 21, 2014 / 7:28 pm

    great list! my husband is easy to shop for (anything with video games) but my dad is the one I have the toughest time getting a gift… last year I got him socks, this year I bought him some plain white tees… lol ahh so boring but at least he wears them a lot 😛


  2. November 23, 2014 / 11:15 pm

    Haha good point… maybe I should just give in and buy my Dad socks or tshirts too! x

  3. December 8, 2014 / 2:54 pm

    Aaaah I absolutely love the Star Wars salt and pepper shakers!! Xx

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