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The Office Space Race

I wish there were more hours in the day I’m not
talking lots more, I’d just be after 1 extra hour…that would be sufficient time for me to do
those extra bits of the day that tend get forgotten.  

At present I am up
on the dot at 6am ready for my sweat busting fitness routine, but I’m not gonna
lie when I have a lot going on or I don’t go to bed at a reasonable hour, I
just crumble at about 3pm wanting to crawl back into bed.  What I should do really is
vary my routine by recovering properly and exercising at different times.

According to recent
studies by Bristol University if you exercise during your lunch break it makes
you work better.  You can potentially be
more efficient and manage your work load better after ditching that lunchtime
chocolate bar for a run.

The Office Space Race Challenge

I was challenged by
Flexioffices to run around
some of their Shoreditch office spaces on m
y lunch whilst I was working in London.  I thought it may be
a good idea to keep the clogs turning by having a lunchtime jog as my day was rather mentally stressful.  I got changed, planned the route and off I
went.  The added bonus of this challenge
was whichever blogger was the quickest would win a Nike GPS watch. Well, if you
know me you will know I’m competitive so I had to be the quickest! I didn’t
know the route very well so I looked on the map and for added safety
wrote the road names on my hand!

I walked to the
starting point where office workers congregated for their lunchtime gossip, stretched my tired muscles and started to run. 
My phone was resting in my running band with my headphones providing me
music to keep me going.  I was really going for it as I knew the length of the run would only take me around 15 minutes.

I don’t like not
knowing where I’m going so running unsure of where I was headed was quite
difficult and as this was prime time lunch hour, I was dodging various people
and items like the 1980s version of Paperboy.  My running was testing me but also my ability to avoid people and navigating myself near some of the Flexioffice spaces.

I was now into full
swing striding along the pavement to Huey Lewis and the News when suddenly the
music stopped. I must of pressed something by mistake I though… no no… the battery
died.  Half way around and on an amazing time
my battery cut out.  My tracker had
obviously stopped and I wasn’t even close to the end or had a charger handy.  After having a mental fight with myself I decided to plod back to where my stuff was.

Regardless of my
running mishap I do understand the thesis behind what Flexioffice are
recommending.  Even if you aren’t a
runner just maybe going with colleagues for a power walk is just as good.  I’m now self employed so motivation to keep working is key and just by taking that time out to get some fresh air before attacking the afternoon, could be all you need to maintain a productive day.


So just to point out my next action… I decided to head to local cafe Look Mum No Hands (known for all its cyclists and amazing food) to have a coffee and banana on toast to make myself feel better. Luckily as many people are cyclist who have come from long rides, I knew being hot and sweaty wouldn’t turn any heads.

A big thank you to Flexioffices for the challenge just a shame I had a technology meltdown half way round.  Also very gutted a didn’t get the chance to win the amazing Nike GPS watch… note to self purchase a portable phone charger!  

After doing this challenge I’ve decided that lunchtime is my exercise time,  so as it’s approaching the afternoon I’m going to get myself ready for a jog!

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      It really is! Amazing cakes!!

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