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The Samsung Showcase; The Social Point

As you saw on my previous post I was gifted a fabulous Samsung Food ShowCase* fridge freezer.  It looks so epic in our kitchen that we have now decided to completely revamp the whole room! 

best fridge freezer

I was asked by Samsung after our initial introduction to the ShowCase fridge freezer, to post to you guys my actual review since I’ve been using it for a while.  
Firstly we have certainly been the envy of my friends as it does look quite spectacular, secondly I’ve found more people are drawn to my kitchen to take advantage of the ice machine and filtered water and thirdly it has saved us money. However as silly as it sounds, it has actually become a real social point of our lives not just our kitchen!

The Look
On viewing the fridge you can’t help but notice the size. When we first got it I was really concerned it would stick out and look too grand, but even though it’s there I don’t really notice it being there too much anymore.  I love how stylish it looks but also how so many aspects are tucked away. 

The Space
Space wise I was pretty gobsmacked by how much space there was, if like me your struggled trying to cram things into your fridge or freezer then this will transform that.  The freezer side looks quite narrow and my initial thoughts were if it would fit everything in, but I was very wrong in doubting it. There was so much space we fit all our food in, friends food (as their freezer broke) and our party food for our Halloween bash! 
As for the main fridge itself I won’t lie I sometimes feel guilty as it isn’t always filled… there is just so much space we can’t possibly fill it completely. It’s ideal for a family and those who tend to cook a lot with the three pull out drawers for fruit and vegetables, a wine rack then three glass shelves for everything else…and they are only a few elements to it! 

Ice Ice Baby
We’ve all seen MTV cribs with the ice makers and the huge fridges that turns us green with envy, well this amazing device has an ice machine on the outside.  It gives you the option of crushed or cubed ice and also provides filtered water (you need to change the filter every so often). There is an alarm to warn you as well if you accidentally leave one of the doors open – handy if like me you get distracted by something else.

The Showcase
The main reason this is such a fantastic fridge freezer is all because of the Showcase door.  If you just want the milk to make your needed morning coffee and not to dive into the depths of the fridge, you can open this Showcase door and find all the ‘quick to grab’ items you need.  There is still door storage from the inside of the fridge and you still can get at items on the showcase from inside, but this is ridiculously handy and saves time and effort. 

For the storage aspect gets a humongous thumbs up from me as this has made a big difference to my thrifty food shopping, I can now freeze a lot more food and as it’s A grade energy efficient, my penny hugging fiance doesn’t mind… gives us that extra money to revamp the kitchen! It also has a 10 year warranty so it shows that Samsung really does have faith in it. 

All in all I’d without a doubt recommend this as one of the best fridge freezers I’ve ever seen or used. You can get this from places such as John Lewis, so click to find out more, read more reviews and have a look closer at what it can offer!

I have actually created a video of all the action but not going to lie my editing software has had a paddy, but in the meantime check out my video review and keep your eyes out for my Samsung ShowCase Social video (it’s a treat!).

Hope this helps in your hunt to find a new fridge freezer, but as I say in the video it genuinely gets a big thumbs up from me and my chef! 



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