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UK Blog Awards 2015: Best Lifestyle Blog


As a blogger there is no better feeling than the acknowledgement of good work. We all put so much time and dedication into our blogs that just getting the nod that you’re doing a really good job, is one of the best feelings in the world.

Earlier this year I was lucky enough to be a finalist in the UK Blog Awards 2014, I couldn’t quite believe it as my blog is nothing more than my none stop babble, (which if you’ve ever met me you’ll know I talk just the same) so to get a thumbs up that I’m doing something right was amazing.  

I wish I had won and I’d be lying if I didn’t but just being a finalist was such an honour.  This is where I come to my current ask…  I have been nominated again this time for the UK Blog Awards 2015 and I’d really like to win but I need your help.  Without your votes I won’t stand a chance as the catergory has got tougher this year. 

It only take a minute to click the link and vote for my blog as Best Lifestyle.  A big thanks for joining me throughout my blog journey and embracing my non stop madness!



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