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Christmas gifts for the home

Christmas at home

Cushion – Habitat Plait Cushion, Christmas tree – Habitat at Homebase Daphne LED White Tree, Candle – Designers Guild Pavonia Candle, Sculpture – Next Moose Sculpture, Home Sign – Dunelm Home Wooden Block Tealights, Quilt – Designers Guild Chenevard Silver and Willow Quilt

I do love home decorations and giving them as gifts is an excellent choice for Christmas, especially if you are gift hunting for people who are moving house, revamping or are generally interested in making their house a home.


I know my brother doesn’t read my blog so I’m happy to tell you all that as part of his present he is getting some kind of cushion! I particularly like these Habitat plaited cushions… perfect!  He wants to do his house up by adding a few bits so I thought a set of two cushions could be the perfect gift. If you know someones colour scheme and likes for interior i.e. contemporary, delicate etc then it’s a great idea to get some plush ones.


Only the other day did me and my other half say how much we loved that feeling of climbing into bed with fresh sheets.  You can’t beat it can you? I find I even sleep better!  I also realised that we spend a vast majority of our lives sleeping so like you should invest in a good bed, you should also invest in good bed linen. I’ve seen some beautiful sheets from the Designers Guild, so for someone who will appreciate such a gesture like a family member is ideal for this.


Giving a Christmas related present at Christmas isn’t a bad idea. Admittedly the gift receiver may not use this until next year, they will be able to use it every Christmas time.  I love this white contemporary tree from Homebase, I think it especially works for those who live in flats, or could be put in a conservatory.  I have one (which you will see on my next blog) and I’ve used simple white baubles and red lights!


 I always wondered why there was such a buzz about getting a candle as a present, and why the hell they were so expensive.  I’ve finally had a few given to me and can honestly understand why they are so popular.  Some of the aromas produced by these chunky candles are to die for!  I have one from the Designers Guild I got and use when I’m taking a relaxing bath, so that’s why it’s on my present list.  


A slight twist on the candle is the Dunelm tea lights with the ‘Home’ sign.  There are lots of pieces out there which are ornaments with a quote or for example I currently have a Christmas sign in red saying ‘Let It Snow’


I’ve recently been on the hunt for some ornaments for my home but I’ve really struggled to find something I loved.  Some of the home decorations from  Next are superb and I was particularly drawn to this moose!  To me this is a piece for a room full of warming tones.  

There are a few keys items you will be safe with if you buy for gifts from the home and I urge you to look at the list above.  Hopefully I’ve given you some inspiration! Merry Christmas!



    • January 5, 2015 / 11:00 am

      It's always good to think about those you're buying for with home items, such as colours they love, hate etc.

    • January 5, 2015 / 11:00 am

      You can never go wrong with candles! TK Maxx are fab for a candle bargain!

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