How technology is helping to grow my blog

I started my blog back in 2012 and like many wasn’t really sure what I was even going to write about.  I think I actually started it as a venting ground for my life frustrations of work and everything else, which frankly who the devil would care to read? So I am very pleased to say that my blog has grown and gained a firm direction instead of somewhere simply to rant. 

I don’t know about many bloggers but as the readership of my site has grown I’m having to travel around a lot more than I’d anticipated.  I’m on one train to the next constantly for various meetings and events and was finding it really tough to keep on top of posts whilst constantly travelling.  Lucky for me my train journeys into central London are around an hour and a half, giving me time to sleep or tweet!  However I could be more productive and be writing, so I’d carry a simple notepad and pen but then the hassle of typing up my scribbles was just as long.

I was sent by the team at Intel, a ASUS Transformer Book T100 to test out (as you know I’m a technology geek) and was really interested if this was going to be the handy ‘on the go’ device I’d been hunting for.  Now just to quickly let you know I’ve got a iPad mini, which obviously is fantastic for on the go but the huge downfall is that it doesn’t like me working in Blogger or will let me edit any Windows documents. Basically the ipad is good for mincing on social media when on the move, but practically speaking with work it’s as much use as a chocolate fireguard.

The Intel ASUS Transformer Book arrived and looking at it in comparison to my current Dell laptop, it was absolutely tiny.  Setting it up was really easy with it actually being a simple smooth tablet and a detachable keyboard. I never thought having a keyboard would be something I’d miss by using a tablet but I really have done, for me I prefer blogging on an actual computer so this was a great in between.

I purchased a notebook envelope pouch which the ASUS lives in, this protects it whilst it’s in my handbag – yep that’s right it fits in there too!  It’s absolutely amazing. On the train I can now whip it out my handbag and start working, it really has made blogging so much easier.

This may sound a really daft reason but because I work solo from home I do actually miss human interaction sometimes, so as a treat on a Friday I’ll take myself into town with my ASUS and have a coffee whilst working. Carting my old huge laptop with me or trying to work on my ipad was never even an option.

If like me you’re a blogger who is looking to build youself up and will be needing to travel or generally be on the move a great deal, I honestly cannot recommend something enough.  Initially I struggled trying to train my hands to operate it, as it’s different from how you use an iPad in terms of layout but it’s easy to pick up. 

Without technology I could never develop my blog, so by having a device that I can edit Windows documents, create vlogs and develop blog posts it really is the best thing I’ve ever had the pleasure to try out. As bloggers everything is on the internet or digital in someway and without advanced and easy to use technology, we wouldn’t be able to develop as quickly.  

As I’m now freelance I’ve popped down some of my top blogging tips to help you kick start your blog career. They may seem obvious but you’d be surprised how many people ask me my top tips to get started… so here you go.  

Top tips for bloggers

  • Invest in your technology – Like my ASUS transformer book or something else you can move with.  
  • A good camera – start with a bridge and build up. If you can’t afford it just yet use your phone
  • Timetable your life – organise yourself and your posts. If you get more time to write then do a few posts and schedule them to come out later
  • Network – get chatting!  Not just to brands but to fellow bloggers
  • Share, share, share – you can’t expect to get big if you don’t let people know you’re there!  Tweet it, share it and so on.  
  • Keep it up – It takes time and trust me it can get really frustrating but keep pushing on
  • Be polite – this could be just me but I’m always polite to anyone I work with as it builds better relationships
  • Be true – keep true to your voice… don’t be swayed and be different from others… no one wants the same. 

Only a few little tips but good luck in your blogging journey and hopefully I’ve helped a bit! If you’re looking to update your technology for blogging please do get in touch as I’d be happy to help

This content was produced in partnership with Intel UK.


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