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Key items for your winter wardrobe

The cold days have really set themselves down and are refusing to budge, these are the days when, in all honesty I’d rather hibernate then emerge myself into a chilly day.  It can be very hard to be motivated to kick start your day when getting out of bed actually is far more chilly than you anticipate. 

With all this in mind I’ve decided to put together a post about items you will 100% need to survive a cold UK winter.  I’m not particularly aiming at any specific item but just the type of garment and accessory you’ll need.  As an added bonus these items will also be must haves if you’re off skiing or snowboarding this season.

Cosy winter jumpers and cardigans. 

I’ve got quite a few of these but some sort of woollen blend jumper or cardigan (or both) will be your best friend over the winter.  I always use mine as my ‘go to’ when the heating has switched off and I refuse to put it back on to save money! Cardigans tend to be the more versatile of the two because you can put them with dresses and jeans, whereas if you invest in a jumper you’re a bit restricted but saying that you can’t beat a well made woolly jumper!

Slippers and slipper socks

Cold feet is my biggest bug bear.  I hate having cold feet!  Sometimes standard socks just don’t cut the mustard and you’re still left with chilly toes, so chunky slipper socks are a great way to eliminate that.  Alternatively the household favourite, the slipper, is something you’ll always need regardless of season.  I’ve got a pair of sheep slippers and of course, a pair of hedgehogs. 

A hat or ear muffs

Having cold ears is horrible as well, so if you’re off out then keeping them warm is a must! I made the school girl error the other day of going for a walk but forgetting my hat… oh my the chill was so icy my ears felt like they wanted to drop off!  You can’t beat a classic bobble hat either!


Seems daft writing this but you’d be surprised how many people will just get a pair of gloves (if that) and assume it’ll keep them warm all the way through.  The answer is no it won’t.  Keep your body temperature up with a scarf nuzzled around your neck.  Personally I will use a big knitted one to keep myself cosy. 


Mittens or gloves go hand in hand with your hat and scarf.  Don’t get me wrong I do love leather gloves but I find they tend to be better towards March time when spring is heading in and mornings are crisp.  You can get so many varieties and there are even some that have specific fabric in the finger tips to allow touch screen action on your mobile or tablet…. genius!


Sod ballerina pumps they’re right at the back of the wardrobe now, it’s all about those ‘I’ll keep you warm boots’.  I’ve got numerous pairs but I swear by them throughout all of autumn and winter.  I have the cosy Ugg/Emu boots for the quick trip to Tesco, the chelsea boots, biker boots and black ankle boots with a chunky heel.  These four type of boots work for all kinds of occasions.


Coats are a tricky one because the kind of coat I’d wear out to go shopping isn’t what I’d wear to go dog walking.  At least one kind of coat is very much needed, however I suggest going for a ski style jacket for dog walking (check TKMaxx for some amazing offers on big brands), then some kind classic AW coat to wear for everything else.  I’ve had two this season so check out my style posts here and here.

Body warmer

I cannot live without mine!  I got a really nice North Face one in a purple and turquoise blue.  I know North Face can be a little expensive but the quality if fantastic, meaning your items will last however there are some bargains out there.

Here are some of my favourite items out at the moment from this list

Keep cosy AW14

1. Woolovers Aran Jumper 2. Roxy Woollen Djuni Hat  3. North Face Womens Resolve Jacket 4. Vans Royer Gloves 5. Gap Fur-Trim Down Jacket  6. Fat Face Snood 7. Latina Lunar Chelsea Boots 8. ASOS Bunny Slippers

There you have my staple winter wardrobe ‘warming’ pieces.  You honestly cannot beat them and each one is functional but very fashionable too… who said you couldn’t be stylish and warm?!  Wrap up guys as it’s getting chilly! 

Have you got a must have winter item?


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