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New Year 2015

The countdown is now on to welcome in 2015…

I’m lying in bed with some kind of bug I caught after Christmas, so as you’ve probably guessed I’m going nowhere to celebrate tonight!

I like to do a resolutions post for me to come back to in order to maintain my personal goals.  Firstly before I go into what I want to do I’m going to summarise 2014. 

Here are a few things that have happened this year…

First triathlon raising money for Epilepsy Research
Got engaged
Quit my full time job to go freelance
I became an auntie
My Dad retired
I saw the Commonwealth Games opening ceremony
I went to the Commonwealth Games
I saw the Poppies in London
We visited Egypt
We went to Cornwall and surfed
I joined a new gym
I learnt to do front crawl
I learnt how to make my own curtains
I grew my own vegetables
Camped in the lake district
Went open water swimming for the first time
Learnt how to make truffles with Paul A. Younger chocolatier

So tying in a combination of to do goals and personal goals, here is my bundle for 2015…

  1. To gain more self confidence
  2. Get fit so I’ll look fabulous and feel fantastic in my wedding dress!
  3. Keep my opinions to myself
  4. Don’t hold grudges and instead let it go (yep just like Elsa)
  5. Be more positive about things
  6. Don’t judge until you know
  7. Appreciate those who appreciate you
  8. Organise a hen do
  9. Get married!
  10. Adopt a Pygmy Hedgehog
  11. Revamp the kitchen
  12. Sort out garden to have vegetable patch
  13. Plan a family day out
  14. Go see the Tour de France
  15. Visit Harry Potter world
  16. Disneyland Paris perhaps?!
  17. Travel more in the UK
  18. Visit at least two National Parks
  19. Every month do something that is selfless
  20. Continue to be the doer of some friendships

Cliché as it sounds but 2015 is going to my year.  I am nearly seizure free, I’m getting married, each one of my family members is happy and to be honest this is the best it’s been in ages and I need enjoy each second of it. 

Out with the worry and the negative vibes, in with the new and exciting! Happy New Year to all my readers I look forward to providing more fun on The Tales of Annie Bean in 2015.


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