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What is the Scandinavian style trend?

I don’t know about you but I love to absorb inspiration for my style from a variety of sources, I’m not just talking about what certain celebrities are wearing I’m talking about other countries too.  

It was only the other day that my fiance and I were discussing how to spot what country someone is from just by their clothes, admittedly not everyone from each country dresses the same but some tend to select from the same shelf.

scandinavian fashion

I love to travel and I’m a huge fan of Parisian fashion but also Italian as well, both of these ooze sophistication and I gather a lot of inspiration from both. However I want to chat about something a little different today and that is the Scandimandia trend, that is dominating our highstreets from one season to the next.

I’m all for sticking to my clothing comfort blankets but I have been totally besotted with this trend. Now you could be asking what the devil am I on about so to summarise this trend features the following;

  • fur coats
  • leather skirts
  • brogues
  • boyfriend jeans
  • high waisted lines
  • lots of layers 
  • chunky flats

The reason I love the Nordic nations style is because it’s always practically stylish, what I mean is that many will cycle, so they’ll select a pair of chunky brogues over inpractical shoes such as heels.  They tend to be quite masculine looks but with a feminine twist, and surprisingly as someone who prides herself on going for delicate fashion, I am in love with this trend inspiration.

I’ve also been reading a lot of Scandinavian blogs recently… check these ladies out…

Magna at What Magna Wore

An oversized long line coat in powder blue with tan leather cutaway brogues and simple white shirt. A combination that is feminine, strong yet masculine at the same time.

Ulrikke at Ulrikke Lund 

I’m seeing similar versions of this coat all across the highstreet brands.  A little texture is what it’s all about, and the fact it’s statement but simple by being monochrome ooze sheer style. 

Camille from Clamour 4 Glamour

Another faux fur hip length jacket in faded tones, practical shoes for those cobbles/uneven surfaces and a delicate flash of candy colour pink in the scarf.

I embraced the oversized boyfriend coat back in spring but
still happily use this coat currently.  As you can see from the top of the post, I’ve only used one
element of the scandi style trend but I am loving the chunky brogues
I’ve been seeing…. might be added to my shopping list! 

Scandimania Style!

Just a little mood board of some of the Scandinavia styles out there.  You can pick all these kinds of items on the highstreet but if you like the idea of a true Scandinavian designer check out Fjallraven and Monki for some amazing pieces.

A trend that’s just getting bigger and bigger each season, pass me the brogues and an oversized boyfriend coat and I’m happy.  Looking forward to what SS15 has to offer from this trend inspiration. 

Do you like this trend influence or are you more inspired of another countries fashion?


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