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My Fashion Resolutions

So we’re well into 2015, I’m following my fitness regime, eating well, training hard and generally looking after myself a lot more. I’d obviously posted some of my personal resolutions but I was recently asked about my fashion resolutions.

I guess like many things we can become stagnant in what we wear, I tend to chose items I would do normally and don’t really step out of my comfort zone.  I’m not saying we need to suddenly ditch our classic blue jeans for a pair of neon leggings with glitter… okay bad example but you get the idea, I just think it’s good to challenge our wardrobes so I’ve decided to set myself some fashion resolutions!

I totally feel I need to get back on the fashion band wagon and embrace trends more like I used to.

White Jeans

I actually just typed that.  Yep, white jeans.  Never in a million years would I have the nerve to wear them but being honest because my legs are slimming down from so much cycling, I’m hoping to get to a point to feel confident enough to wear them!

white outfit
TOP ITEM: Parisian White Ripped Knee Jeans – £24.99


I’m always a little fearful of brogues because I sometimes think they can create a look that’s too masculine for me.  However I think if I simple style better I can create as better balance.  Instead of simple brown or black ones I would love some bold ones in either white or metallic for a really ‘stare at my feet’ look!

TOP ITEM:  Black Monk Strap Brogues


I’m lazy with footwear, I always have been.  This is something I was working on last year that I want to encourage more, and that’s by wearing more heels.  I’m only 5ft4 and I do look better with a bit of height but I just don’t really wear heels due to the fear of 1. falling over, 2. looking like an idiot whilst falling over, 3. not being able to walk and 4. develop some sort of heel shuffle/waddle because I can’t walk. 

hot heels

TOP ITEM:  Red Double Strap Chunky Heels – £24.99

New colours

Another thing I started to do last year but want to develop, is exploring my colour palettes.  I know rusty colours are coming in and that’s a tone I wouldn’t usually chose, but maybe the new Annie of 2015 might! Having a rusty colours pleated skirt with a striped top tucked in could be just what my wardrobe needs.

Tartan leggings
TOP ITEM Yellow Print Grid Shopper – £17.99

Fun Fitness

I love fun leggings (you may have seen on my Instagram) so this year I’m going to be bigger and bolder with them! They make me feel motivated to workout because they’re so good! So far I’m sticking to this!

TOP ITEM  Blue Abstract Leggings – £17.99

There you have my fashion resolutions! What do you think?  I think they’re realistic! Have you got any? A lot of these items are from New Look as they’re reasonably priced… always a good plan when you’re making a fashionable leap!



    • February 1, 2015 / 10:02 pm

      I know me too! I don't have any yellow bags! x

    • February 1, 2015 / 10:03 pm

      I know, I don't know if I can pull them off just yet… but I'm aiming to! x

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