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Whenever I hear the
words cosmetic surgery I will get a flash of an image of celebrities who have
taken things too far.  The trout pout or
the bizarre puffy face just seem to be a big red flag (in my eyes) towards messing
about with what we have been blessed with. 

I was invited to an
event by Transform, a leading UK cosmetic surgery company to have a look at
what they do.  After discovering I wasn’t
going to need to actually have anything injected into me, I found myself
intrigued on what it was all about. 

As always before any
event I go to I like to do a little research.  
I discovered that not only do Transform offer the botox injections and
lip fillers, they actually offer lots of non surgical procedures.  I was really impressed the extent of
possibilities available.  They do all
sorts like laser hair removal, teeth straightening and whitening too. 


On the day myself
and other bloggers met the team from Transform we learnt more about the company
as a whole, it was interesting to here their work ethic and how they deal with
clients.  We went onto to see three procedures;
lip fillers, botox injections and laser facelift.   

not a huge ‘needles’ fan but was ridiculously interested to see and hear about
it from the doctors perspective and the clients. 
You could have different amounts of fillers and some of the ladies
there had them done before, and they didn’t look like they’d gone too far
with it just merely appeared fresh faced.  


After we’d seen both
treatments It did confirm with my that it isn’t something I’d explore
personally, however I can see the appeal as long as it’s done
sporadically.  I was however fascinated
by the laser facelift.  Now before this event a
facelift to me was going under the knife and having something very drastic done, this
laser facelift skips past all that.  How
it was works is that the same sort of laser used for hair removal (but hotter)
would penetrate the skin allowing it to rebuild collagen, and in turn tighten the
skin.  A lot less drastic than a classic
facelift don’t you think?  When I’m older
it would be something I’d consider but right now I’ll stick to me face creams!


For me the hair
removal is a big bonus.  For someone who has Polycystic Ovaries having that option is a godsend.  Polycycstic ovaries is basically where the
ovaries are covered in cysts which make it harder for them to perform
probably, this causes irregularities in monthly cycle (I’ve gone 6 months
without one),  weight gain, causes hair growth (goody!) and can lead to difficulties in
conceiving.  So a great thing to be
given I’m sure you’ll agree, but knowing I have the option to reduce the regrowth is a-m-a-z-i-n-g.

Loved visiting the Transform headoffice and learning about all they do.  I’m a firm believer that if you have something you want to change and it’ll make you happy then go for it.  You can check out if there is a Transform near you and investigate all their treatments.




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