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Shinola Detroit comes to London

I do love a brand that manages to create a big enough buzz to swim across to our lands and set up camp. I’m all about getting inspiration for my clothes and style from other countries, especially when it comes to timeless classics.  

Word on the street is that Detroit based company, Shinola has landed here in London. A company that once upon a time was actually a shoe polish brand but has bounced back after opening it’s first store in 2013, and instead of helping shine our shoes it is supplying an assortment of beautiful leather goods but with particular emphasis on their watches.

Shinola Lust List

Timeless America with Shinola

Handcrafted watches are (in my personal opinion) one of my favourite things Shinola do.  All made within their Detroit watch factory by specialist craftspeople.  The straps and designs are quite similar but small tweaks set them apart from each other, but quality sets them so much further apart from anywhere else.   

I’ve selected a few items from their current collection I think you’ll agree are fabulous.  Obviously when I first explored their website I was immediately drawn to their range of classic inspired bikes.  They have all the features you’d want from two wheels of vintage inspiration, with beautiful leather saddles and off tone paint work… can you tell I’m a fan?! The bikes that Shinola offer are pieced together precisely by expert custom bike builders.

I’ve been an American Football fan since I was a little girl, but it finally seems to becoming more and more popular here in the UK, especially after the twitter frenzy I noticed with the Superbowl.  We’ve thrown an American football around before but they weren’t one of the leather ones, just by looking at the one I’ve put on my top picks board above, that leather looks so perfect and soft you just hug it!

There is also a lot of sports apparel in the form of classic adaptations of baseball jackets, but also the timeless sweaters, but theses aren’t your bog standard cheap cotton jobs, these beam with quality of a much higher standard.

Bags and stationary
On one hand I like bright ‘out there’ exaggerated designs and colours, but on the flipside something chic will always win me over with a well made leather classic designed bag. They have leather rucksacks (like the one above) but then dainty small crossover leather handcrafted bags and purses.

Especially when I’m at London Fashion Week or on the go I will carry a note book with me, Shinola also have a range of covered notepads.

Pets and gifts
Have I told you?  I’m planning on getting a puppy after I get married in July!  So anything dog related I seem to be drawn to.  I want a classic dog collar and Shinola offer a nice selection of leather collars for pets. 

They also have items such as simple chunky candles which make perfect gifts! When I saw they supplied these I realised this is a brand that reaches out with simplicity but sophistication, this was because they don’t have gimmicky coloured candles they are plain and perfect on their own.

Overall I’d say they were a brand to hit the UK that oozed quality in their products, as these aren’t items that will damage or break easily. The time and energy gone into each piece is reflected by how such a small company has grown, so much so they’re now here in the UK in London!

Make sure you check out what Shinola are all about, and if you’re in London near Carnaby’s Newburgh Quarter make sure you pop in to see this all American brand.

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  1. March 29, 2015 / 1:06 pm

    If only the Golmelsky Moon Phase watch was little (A LOT) more affordable! It's a beaut!

    Tara x

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