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How to style the Little Black Dress

I seem to have stepped away a bit from style posts at the moment and if I’m brutally honest with myself it’s because I’m not liking how I’m looking right now. As a blogger whose life is spread across the Internet it can be hard to step away from the camera and all I want to do at the moment is write instead.

Recently I’ve felt a bit lost with what I’m wearing for various evening occasions, you know those nights when you feel bloated or just like nothing works. I know we’ve all had them! So I’ve decided today to put together the ultimate black dress style post.  We all need a black dress and they can be worked in so many ways and this post is styling the different shapes from prom to tunic.

Black dress chi chi

This clara dress is from
Chi Chi (I love Chi Chi) and it’s the ideal dress for those evenings when
you’re going to have dinner somewhere. 
It’s a prom style so will nip you in at the waist then pouf out.  If you’re prone to bloating after food this
would be ideal for that – plus it is simply gorgeous!

Motel Black

skater dress is always my go to style when I don’t have a clue what dress to
wear.  They tend to be shorter so for a
night out (especially with this
Motel Rocks Moonchild one) so it is perfect. You can get
really plain ones which can easily double up as casual wear or evening.  For a quick drink down the pub you can get
boots and a long necklace or for evening switch to heels and a statement piece
of jewellery.

River Island Black

tunic dress is probably one of my least used styles, this is down to the fact I
have curves and will need two sizes bigger for it not to cling to my hips!  Then when it’s bigger I just look huge.  The well made and designed tunics will be
perfect with a long pendant necklace and obviously as black is slimming you can
add pops of colour or go with this seasons monochrome trend.

Topshop bodycon

The bodycon is
something I’ve only recently started to wear. 
I always felt that I wasn’t small enough to pull them off but because I
have boobs, bum and hips it just makes my curves look nipped in and lush! All
the areas I’d be looking for.  A bodycon
for me feels sexy, so this is the kind of dress I’d wear when I was off to
drink cocktails and wasn’t going anywhere near food… Bloated belly and a
bodycon are not good friends.  If you are
worried about looking too ‘tummy’ there are amazing tights that will hold you
in!  Amaze-balls

In my ears these are the three key dress styles with what I think are looks perfect for a variety of occasions.  Personally the chi chi dress just oozes class and beauty, whilst the Motel Rocks dress is my perfect party frock in it’s cute skater style! 

 My gorgeous Motel Rock Moonchild Dress!

What’s your perfect LBD?



  1. March 1, 2015 / 4:52 pm

    I really like the Motel one! The chichi dress is gorgeous but I know it would end up being a "save for best" and I'd never end up wearing it!
    I'm kind of feeling the same about myself at the moment, it's really hard to not compare yourself to other bloggers isn't it?


    • March 17, 2015 / 4:31 pm

      Totally… Hope you're getting on okay with that DVD… we should encourage each other then do an amazing style post! xx

    • March 17, 2015 / 4:30 pm

      Thanks! I try to stick by them 🙂

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