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Mother’s Day Gift Guide 2015

Mother's Day

I love Mother’s Day! It’s by far my most favourite present to buy, as anything pastel coloured and floral scented and my Mum loves it.  But what do you buy your Mum for Mother’s Day? I find it a really easy present to buy but each year I feel the need to do better than the last, so I’ve decided to create a Mother’s Day gift guide to help…


The obvious gift option is flowers.  To be honest flowers are my top choice with Mother’s Day presents as they completely light up any room you put them in.  Be careful selecting the right colours though, for example my Mum really doesn’t like yellows, oranges and reds… and don’t forget that even though lilies smell and look wonderful, their pollen can drop and stain. To make it extra special you can order flowers from a number of websites to be delivered for you, personally I reckon this makes the gift all the more perfect… it means you’ve made that bit more effort rather than buying them from the supermarket! You will always get flowers that will last longer and of course be better quality when buying them from a flower specific company.

Where to buy

There are numerous companies out there that offer these services, but Appleyard London do flower and also hampers to add on if you want.  I’ve had some beautiful flowers from here before (potentially where my Mother’s Day gift is coming from!) If you use code LUX10 you’ll get 10% off bouquets!


Every lady loves a handbag!  I would of said shoes but shoes tend to be quite a hard thing to buy for someone else, unless they’ve specifically said they want a certain pair.  Bags on the other hand are ideal for gifts.  I spotted some beautiful Fiorelli ones that I thought were so pretty, that even noticed my Mum eyeing them up.  

Where to buy

Specifically Fiorelli bags you can get from places like Debenhams or the Fiorelli website it’s self, however Ted Baker have some similar bright coloured bags that really scream ‘It’s spring time!’. 


You cannot go wrong with a candle. We all know they can cost an absolute fortune but their smell can be phenomenal!  You can have them well you’re in the bath, so maybe get a candle with bubble bath for a little pamper kit?

Where to buy

Jo Malone is expensive for a reason but they do make the most spectacular products.  If you don’t want to spend a lot but still want a decent candle, my best suggestion is TK Maxx… they are so so so much cheaper!  You can expect to pay around £12-£15 for a candle that should be double that price.  


I don’t know about you but getting a fresh pair of PJ’s is bliss… that makes me sound so old doesn’t it?!  But I can’t retract that setence because it’s so true!  Getting some amazing quality nightwear could be just what your Mummy needs!

Where to buy

 Like everything else if you want a decent pair you can go to somewhere like Boux Avenue which have some sets from £20.00. If you’re really unsure why not get a gift card for somewhere like Monsoon for some more fashion PJs for your Mum to select herself, but write in your card that it’s for PJs for a relaxing night in!


A hamper full of goodies like wine, choccies, nibbles, candles and so forth is a top gift choice. Why?  It’s got literally all the best bits in one place… plus your mum will totally want to keep the basket afterwards!

Where to buy

You can do a DIY hamper with buying all the bits yourself, or you can get a ready made one, (from the same place as the flowers) have a nose at these from Appleyard London


Something sentimental like a photo album or a picture in a frame could be good. Why not get an old photo reprinted of a happy time together or  perhaps one of all your family? 


Where to buy

Where do I start?!  There are absolutely hundreds of places to get frames!  The one above is from Dunelm, but maybe try Next, Laura Ashley and even Tk Maxx for some one off gems!  You can do photo printing at Boots if you get your photos on a USB stick. 


Technically it fall under the home category and can be seen as a bit of a stereotype, but decent cooking items can make an amazing gift.  You could even make your Mum some cupcakes to go with her new kitchen items!  Genius… plus you may get given a cupcake too.

Where to buy

As you may or may not be aware the mixer is rather expensive and would be what I call the ‘ultimate’ Mothers Day gift.  They are expensive BUT they are worth it. The cute cake tins are more affordable at £12.99 but that gives you the flexibility to add other things to your present. Both of the items above can be found on eBay (believe it or not) in one of the numerous shops… check out HomeFusions4U for some more Mothers Day inspiration.

Money saving tip

I don’t know about you but I’m really having to watch my money because of my wedding, and obviously you want to spoil your Mum! So I always hunt for voucher codes, try My VoucherCodes UK for the latest offers and if you want cash back I strongly suggest Quidco.  

How to decide

Still not sure what to buy?  Fear not you’re reading content from the most indecisive person ever, so I’ve added a little Mother’s Day quiz from My Voucher Codes to help you chose what to get for your Mummy!


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