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Gardening Goals Wishlist | Creating Outdoor Style

I’m sat here in my garden eyeing up all the jobs I need to do and to be honest not knowing where the devil to even start!  It firstly needs a massive sort out and pretty much a big garden makeover… something I haven’t really had a chance to sink my teeth into. However as I’ve spent the majority of this weekend out in it,  I wanted to share some ideas of how and what I’m looking to invest in.

I currently have some garden furniture that was donated by my Daddy… but it’s so old the wood is rotting to the point I put a mug of tea on the table and part of the wood snapped off.  Not ideal! So I’m on the hunt for some decent garden bits to really style it up! I’m a social person so garden furniture needs to represent that.  I’d like to maybe get a proper set but then invest in some extra chairs for people to sit on if we have more than four people. 

We don’t have a huge space to play with because our garage is set back in the garden from the carport, (we want to knock this down eventually to free up space) so basically I’ve got to make the most of what I’ve got. I’ve put together a few key items I’m on the look out for from Homebase, each item varies in cost from basic to top. 

Social Garden Style

Garden Furniture Sets

As I say tables and chairs are a must. I need to find items that can be low maintenance as well because I don’t have much storage to keep anything in winter. For me I’m looking for a set that doesn’t take up too much space and I’m quite drawn to the circular ones, I think the wooden one would be great but I’d love a parasol.

Garden style

Garden Laterns & Candles

I need to get my gardening on and I’m always really envious of how beautiful my Mum and Dad’s garden is. I’m quite new to gardening so having a tendency to kill things quite easily (oops!), but after reading up on how to do it better I feel ready for action this summer. Lots of mood lighting is a must for my garden parties so I want items to brighten my garden in the evening when people are over for BBQs. 

Gazebos for your garden


I’d love to say we’ll have non stop blue skies and sunshine all summer, but come on this is Britain! I really need some kind of gazebo, not just in case it rains but also for a bit of shade and somewhere to serve food under.I like the idea of a cheap portable one so I can take it away camping but I must admit I love the curtain gazebo for a more glam option!

I’ve managed to de-weed a lot of my garden now but I need to get potting so I can my hanging baskets sorted… plus I want to create a vegetable patch too.  Lots to do!  How’s everyones gardens been this weekend? Have you got gardening goals?

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