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How to wear the Sports Luxe style | Fashion

I’m loving my fitness gear right now and if I’m honest it’s all I’m pretty much living in.  The danger of being self employed and working from home is that instead of sitting in my pyjamas, I’m now sitting in lycra!

I’ve decided to kind of step away from that but only slightly by embracing a touch of Sports Luxe! I’ve spied some amazing pieces out at the moment so I’ve collated them together for you to get some inspiration with me.

Sports Luxe Lovin'

1. Charli Cohen – Dressed to Kale Sports Tee – £85.00 2. Nike Dunks White – £85.00, 3. River Island Balconette Bikini Top – £16.00, 4. Accessorize Sophie Sporty Backpack – £35.00, 5. Adidas Sports Watch 6. Steve Madden Vicktori Slip Ons – £55.00 7. Charli Cohen Lime Green Laser Leggings – £185.00 8. Lorna Allegra Crop Sweater – £36.00 9. DKNY Cara Delevingne Sports Bra – £59.95

 I love, love, love Charli Cohen stuff, I remember having an email conversation back in 2013 with Charli about her launching and now she’s doing awesome.  I’m all about the Dressed to Kale tshirt, I can’t even begin to say how much I want it! She’s also got some kickass leggings and teamed together would be a great look.

Personally I don’t feel I suit hightop trainers but I do really like them and the look they provide. Nike, Adidas, DC and Superdry do some great ones, I’d suggest getting a white or black pair purely because they won’t go out of style and you won’t be restricted with styling. Slip on shoes are still hot but will they last? Not sure… I’ve spied some floral prints on some but for sports luxe I reckon metallic or neutral is the way forward.

Woman on a mission

As always I’ve created some looks for various situations, first on the list is those days when you’re on a mission. I sometimes just don’t have time to get dressed up to pop into town to get my jobs done… noway. I want something quick and comfy to run about in.  Hello to look number 1. Shiny shorts, motif tee and bright trainers? Checkout!

Casual Chill

Above is more the kind of style I’m on about for my days at home working, or if I need to head out to the local paper shop to pick up the newspaper and milk. Love a good sweater and even though I’m a bit over the samey ones, I can’t help but like this simple black one. The bag is a lust must and it also softens the look and keeps it feminine.

Rollin' with it

I bloody love a pair of dungarees! I spotted some in New Look earlier today and was mighty tempted. My problem is I’m not a massive fan of me in shorts… in general.  I have chunky thighs so even though I’m a size 10 in everything else I’ve got big blasted thighs so they can look too snug. Regardless I also spied the Brooklyn baseball style top which I have on my wishlist, I remember having one of these kinds of tops back in the days of Tammy Girl (really showing my age now!) and wore it all the time.  I wanted a new one and this look is ideal for that.  Throw in a splash of Stella McCartney in the form of the palm tree jacket… winner all round I reckon!?

What do you like the most out of what I’ve chosen? Anyone else liking the sports luxe items out there at the moment?



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