I’m getting married in July! It’s coming round so fast I can’t quite believe it! If you follow me on Twitter and Instagram you’ll have discovered that it was my hen do this weekend, where five close friends and I took over Manchester. Only
five friends? Yes only five. I invited loads but for one reason or
another people couldn’t come or dropped out, but to be quite honest I
had all my besties there. If you’re reading this and worrying you don’t have many people coming on your hen do, when like me you bend over backwards for others… it’s actually far better with less people! Trust me!

We kicked off the weekend with me getting collected on Friday afternoon from my house by two of my hens. I had no idea what we were doing apart from the fact we were Manchester bound, so of course I packed for every possible situation! We were gutted one of my other bridesmaids, Jodi couldn’t join us as she lives in Abu Dhabi but we went to her home turf so she was with us really!

My bridesmaids Tara and Lucy were in charge of planning and after a few teaser texts and pictures I knew this was going to be a big giggle! We had playlists all the way there with a brief stop for the two cars at Starbucks, where we  donned our Team Hen Party tshirts… they all had chickens on with our heads on them!  I obviously got given a veil, L plates and a sash… obviously! I felt excited and ready to rumble.

We were staying just outside the city centre at Tara’s sisters house. We did look at hiring an apartment for the weekend but because people kept dropping out we had to rethink, it just started to get so expensive that this seemed a good option. Some apartments cost thousands and it’s a lot to people to give up their money for… sometimes and more often than not you can go on an actual holiday for the price it costs for a hen do. But with my hen do this was an amazing idea in the end because we could come and go plus it was really spacious.

Funtime Friday

As we’d set off a bit late we hit the glorious bank holiday traffic, meaning I was jumping about needing the loo when we arrived! We only had an hour before the Butler in the Buff (Scott) arrived so it was all go! Tonight was about the PJ’s so we ditched our day wear for nightwear. My lovely friends at F&F had sent some PJ’s as my hen do gift for my girls, but they’ve been lost in the post which was a shame, but they sent some lovely choccies and some jumpers to keep us all warm!

Since there were only six of us we felt it might be a bit awkward for when the butler arrived so we hit one of the numerous bottles of prosecco… alongside a couple of customary shots! We felt ready to rumble when Scott arrived.  Playing all kinds of games, having a gossip, getting spanked by the butler… you know how it is on a Friday but this topped the lot!

Super Saturday

I won’t lie I felt rather ropey the next day as did all my hens! We ventured into Manchester to go for food and find New Look to buy Tara’s shoes, after we all paraded around in hers and fell in love with them! Tara had created a scavenger hunt for us to do whilst in Manchester centre before we went to Annie’s for food.  I had no idea what we were doing but it was amazing getting one surprise after another.  The food at Annie’s was delish and definitely a wise move for the evening a head!

Time seemed to run away with us and we needed to be ready for 5.30pm. I don’t think I’ve ever had to be ready to go out by that time… but I managed it! I heard a car beep and looked out the window to discover a white limo! Oh my word. I knew I was in for a cheesy night and even though I would of turned my nose up normally, my goodness I had an amazing journey and couldn’t stop giggling!

Next on the list was The Dreamboys at Tiger Tiger. Well. What can I say?! It was good fun but not what I was expecting. There was a tiny stage with a pillar blocking the view at the back and instead of a seating plan it was a first come first served style affair.  Luckily Lucy managed to swoop in and grab the last booth before the show started, from there we set up camp, got the cocktails in and hit the buffet.  Mmm… rather disappointing as it was lasagne, rice, noodles and some unidentifiable slop… word of advice eat before or arrange to eat after the show. Food and seat hunting aside the actual show was really good fun, and in case you’re wondering what it actually is… it’s basically Chippendale’s!

After our Dreamboys experience we hit Manchester and to divert from Hen Party tackiness, all bright flashing attire was hidden so we could explore the best cocktail bars before heading back to the house.

Silent Sunday

We cleaned, chilled and went home… I had a huge come down from it all because I don’t think I was expecting it to be so good. I hadn’t giggled as much as I have over this weekend and to be honest it just showed who my best friends were, so if like me you invite the world but only a few can come the ones who can come will make it memorable!

P.s if you head to my YouTube channel you can watch all our antics!