NEXT Shoebox JukeBox #ShoeboxJukebox

What girl doesn’t love shoes? Exactly!  To be honest I probably have far too many, but saying that I’ve just done a HUGE spring clean and I kid you not, got rid of 10 bags! 10 bags for charity! Okay so they weren’t all shoes but a vast amount were!

As they say… out with the old and in with the new! So as you can imagine I have all the more reason to get excited about this seasons footwear and was over the moon to be invited to Next’s Shoebox Jukebox event.

Like every other Next event we were extrememly spoilt! It was all about celebrating all the new collections available in Next and trust me when I say this, there is honestly something for everyone… I just happened to want everything! Haha. 

Not only did we have so much to see and do, we even got to select a pair of shoes to wear for the ocassion. I chose some gold chunky platform sandals (I’d been eyeing up for ages!) and even had a shoeologist send a postcard with details of what the shoes represented about me! I adore these heels and they believe it or not they were surprisingly comfy too.

The place looked absolutely amazing when I arrived, displaying the fantastic new range of shoes from Next. Of course there was a display of bubbles and nibbles alongside nail art, a big jukebox throwing out some tunes and also a creative place to design/decorate your own trainers! I loved this bit and made some simplistic shoes with an A and B!

After getting my nails done and indulging in the nibbles, I decided to play the shoebox game where you had to guess if the shoe size was higher or lower than the last.  I ALMOST won but tripped up at the end. Dammit!

The evening was filled with great tunes but even better we kept getting dancers come and strut their stuff.  Check out my mini video of some Michael Jackson dancing!

As I was heading out and saw a poster saying “Shoes speak louder than words”, I won’t lie but it’s true! With the new shoes Next have at the moment they truly are a statement! Happy shopping to me and my feet!


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