Samsonite travel cases

You know it’s clearly heading towards summer when you’re invited to a Samsonite Press Day. They’ll all about travel luggage and the best ways to travel securely, stylishly and as compactly as possible. I couldn’t wait to see what was in store because I have a summer full of travelling lots for work and holidays!

Samsonite is expensive and to be honest I always wondered why it was? After speaking to a lot of my travel buddies they were all quite surprised I hadn’t come into contact with Samsonite before. When I started to browse the showrooms I was slightly overwhelmed by the varieties available, from Lite-Locked, B-Lite 3, Little Cube DLX, S’Cure DLX, Lite Shock to name but a few!

Depending on the kind of traveller you are they have a selection for everyone. I liked the super secure locks and compartments featured on som,which is ideal for business travellers, but the biggest winner for me was how light their luggage is. Even the big cases were ridiculously lighter than you’d expect by looking at them, which certainly helps when you get the fear feeling on check in that you’ve gone over the luggage allowance! This just means you’re less likely to… so maybe  we can start adding more clothes to take on holiday next time?! I also found it fascinating that they create luggage that coincides with airline regulations, for example cabin luggage sizing etc.

Samsonite don’t just seem to have boring colours, prints and textures, in fact it’s quite the opposite. Personally I love bright fun luggage because I can spot it far more easily when I’m collecting it at the airport! However Samsonite seem to have bold colours, metallics and even a new collaboration with Disney for the kids!

I’m taking that beautiful Samsonite Liberty of London suitcase (top photo) with me next week on my trip to Italy! I cannot wait because it can actually come on my flight with me, meaning my laptop can join me on throughout and I can get working on the go.

Loved this press day and I cannot wait for the summer for some well needed travelling, big thanks to Samsonite for inviting me along.