After receiving some questions from you guys about items I train with, today I’ve decided to share what I keep in my gym bag! Obviously this can vary depending on what sort of session I’m doing at the gym, for example if I’m doing yoga a whole different range will join me. No doubt I will share with you at some point my other gym collections, however this fitness bundle is my general gym bits…

I tend to use a classic Head* gym bag for my swimming sessions as unlike a lot of gym bags it has a wet pocket. There is nothing worse than walking into town afterwards with a wet legs from your swimming costume soaking through. Plus it surprisingly holds a lot of stuff and unlike those bog standard ones, this one is super stylish in a blue colour. Isn’t it lush?! Head actually have a sports bag design competition to create a Head bag, so if you’re creative and fancy a go click the link here to find out more.

Swim Kit

If you know me you’ll know I love to swim. I’m a rare breed in the world of triathlon because many triathletes hate the swimming part and love the running, whereas I am a bit back to front… of course!

Swimming Costume 

I have a Speedo swimming costume (due for an update) which is bright coloured and has built in support.

Swim Training

I don’t just swim for the sake of swimming I go with the intention of training, so to work on my front crawl I use paddles and a pool buoy. I also have Zoggs goggles (these are by far the best I’ve trained with) and I do use a swim cap but I couldn’t find it for the photo… but I use my Blenheim Triathlon one normally.


You’ll notice the black Speedo towel at the top, this is a genius towel because it’s quickdry. Instead of havinga general towel this is smaller but dries just as well.

Watch out in the next few weeks as I’ll be giving you some swimming tips.


This follows on nicely after swimming items as I hate leaving a swim session stinking of chlorine, I also hate smelling in general after a gym session!

Hair Care

I do use a swim cap most of the time but sometimes I don’t, if I do I always put conditioner on my hair before I put my cap on. Chlorine is such a bugger for drying your hair out so this just helps it a bit, and obviously I take both shampoo and conditioner.  I also take dry shampoo after my gym sessions alongside my compact hairbrush, to help freshen me up!

Body Care

Back to post swim sessions my skin can feel really really dry, so I’ve been using some Liz Earle* products which include a facial spray, a body cream and a body wash. All of which are handy travel sizes so they don’t take up too much space.

Feminine Products

I then always take Tampax Compak Pearl with me, small in size again and I’d rather be prepared than not. I read the other day that apparently 1 in 5 girls miss exercise when they’re on their period, because they’re afraid of leaks! How crazy is that?! I’d never miss anything because I’m on my period. Anyways so these ones I use are compak smooth application ones.These are new as they didn’t do the Tampax pearl in compact but they’ve just launched the compact version of the pearls.  Very handy for the old gym bag!

Compact products is a big thing for me and I’m currently on the hunt for decent swimming hair products. I’ll keep you posted on what I find.

Gym kit

I love my exercise classes so obviously I have some fun fitness gear to go with it! If my Instagram is anything to go by you’ll have see lots of bright prints!

Gym clothing

These do vary from training session but for today’s aerobics class we have my Fabletics capris, my F&F Active neon stretchy vest and my Shock Absorber sportsbra*.  I like colourful socks as I tend to lose them if I can’t see them, so we have my Skecher ones from TKmax and little towel from the range at Poundland.


I am very aware I have a trainer addiction, but these are the two pairs I train in the most at the moment. My New Balance Zante Fresh Foams* and my Vivobarefoot* ones. The New Balance pair have been absolutely amazing since I got them. I always would train in Nike trainers but these have opened up a whole new window in terms of my training. I believe these are specifically for running but I use them for everything! The Vivobarefoot ones I’ve only just started using but I like to run down to the gym or for a swim in these. These particular ones are their Trail Freaks, the clue is in the title! I’ll be fully testing these as I train with my fiance for his ultra marathon.

Tech Gear

Last but not least my Adidas miCoach watch. It tends to join me everywhere now for helping me get a good training session in. If you’re interested in finding out more about this, make sure you check out my recent review.

Always train in what makes you feel comfortable. I like to be bold because it makes me happy… as long as it works probably and doesn’t interfere with training I’m all for it!

There you have it, there is my gym bag kit for my general gym and swim! What do you pack when you’re off to the gym?