Yoga and Brunch with NaturalCycles

I love practising yoga so much, if I could I’d be doing it everyday but I simply don’t have the time to squeeze it in with all my other training. I jumped at my invitation to join like minded health and fitness bloggers for yoga and brunch with NaturalCycles

I always seem to be in a major rush to get to events and this one was no exception! The trains from my neck of the woods were all over the shop! I even had the embarrassing experience of coming in late to a room full of relaxing yogis to me falling through the door in a fluster.  I’m so smooth! 

Anyway, as soon as I got myself sorted I joined everyone else for an hour and a half yoga session. I adore practising yoga, I find it makes me feel rest within but challenges my body and my core. The more I do the more addicted I am.

After our wonderful yoga session we enjoyed a spot of brunch catered by Stephanie from Angel’s Belly. The room was laid out in perfect post yoga style, with comfy cushions and low tables to allow us to curl up and network. I was really hungry after setting off from home at 6.30am and the food was divine! I wanted to try a bit of everything it looks so tasty…

If I could chose any food to eat this would be the selection. Wholesome and real clean food and I felt cleansed and refreshed ready for our day a head. I couldn’t even begin to describe how delicious this all was! We had fresh fruit, homemade yogurt, chia seed porridge (my personal favourite), mouth watering salads, freshly made bread…. it was every food lovers ultimate lust!

Once we’d all eaten and chinwagged for a leisurely two hours and relaxed we had a talk from Gill Day, a naturopathic nutritionist, who gave us an overview of how what we eat effects us in numerous ways. She continued to explain how the female menstrual cycle can also be dictated by this, and the systems that come with it. 

The talk was fascinating and almost comforting to hear that many other girls in the room experienced what I did.  I have PCOS which is a bit a pain because my body is all out of sync constantly, I never know from one month to the next and my systems can be one extreme or the other. 

Once our nutritionist talk was over we were greeted by Eliza from NaturalCycles. I’d not known much about NaturalCycles or heard of them until this event, but basically it’s a device that is as good as a contraceptive. If you’re questioning how is that so? Then you’re right to because I had no idea how it could be, basically it measures your temperature with the use of algorithm.  You measure your temperature at the same time on a daily basis which links up to a mobile phone app, this then lets you know when you’re ovulating and when you can expect your period. The app is so clever that it will tell you when you have a green light or a red light day…. beats taking a pill everyday (this is 99.9% effective too) and doesn’t interfere with your bodies natural hormones.

It can be used to prevent unwanted pregnancies but also be great to use if you’re looking to get pregnant. Ideal for someone like me with PCOS and when I want to start a family in the next few years. But personally I love the idea of using something that doesn’t chemically potentially tamper with your body.

A big thank you to NaturalCycles and Angel’s Belly for such a wonderful yoga and brunch! I’ll be testing the NaturalCycles out and will be letting you know how I get on.


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