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3 ways to bring summertime into your home

If you’ve looked on my Twitter and Instagram you’ll have noticed me and my hubby to be, are having a huge summertime revamp of our home outside and in.  Let’s be honest it was very dated when we bought it, but purely because we bought it at the highest end of our budget.  Don’t get me wrong I love our home but the time has come to start doing something about making it ours.

I like exploring various options available to us to what we can do, the beauty of this sort of topic is the options are endless.  The only potential issues are limited space, obstructing doorways and windows and of course budget. I am thrifty and I do like to find the best deal possible, but sometimes you need to bite the bullet to get what you want! Big financial investments shouldn’t be taken lightly so today’s post is to give you some ideas about making small touches to keep your home summer ready whilst you plan your bigger projects. What you can do to bring summertime into your home?

First things first, light, bright colours are your best friend and can make your home look much bigger. We have limited space and a lot of stuff so just by repainting our walls to white, has made a ridiculous amount of difference. So to save money sometimes making small changes to the decoration accessories is a good step forward.

1. Cushions


We only realised the other day that I’ve had the same cushions for coming up to 5 years! They’re looking so tired…even though a a nice shade of green I feel ready to move on from it and update them.  My Mum actually has a seasonal rotation with hers which I think is a great idea! Nice, bright cushions with summertime prints and florals are your best options for creating a vibrant atmosphere in your home.

2. Bed Linen

Summer Bed Linen

Aim for whites as sometimes heavy prints can make a room appear cluttered, so look for a light background if you want patterned. If you don’t want colour I’d suggest softer tones and maybe only some prints.  You can always add cushions but try not to mix in too many prints because it can throw the chill vibe you want from your sleeping nest!

3. Lighting

Home Lighting

Even though in the summer we don’t need the lights on much it’s always good to have the option. Large lamps and light coloured lampshades will make everything appear bigger. You don’t have to spend the earth and can pick up cheap basic ones, however sometimes a statement lampshade is a good move as it can completely transform your room. I’m a huge fan of the pebble one in my mood board above as it screams beach to me!

There you have my three top areas to bring that summer brightness into your home.  What are your suggestions for giving your home a makeover in between projects? All of the items in the mood boards are from the Betta Living website.

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