Canon Powershot N2

A few months ago I was sent the Canon Powershot N2* in White (exclusive to Jessops) to review for my blog. Having carted about my last two big cameras, the idea of having a smaller compact camera but with equal quality was very appealing. Since I got it this camera has followed me literally everywhere! It’s been out the country and it even joined me in Glastonbury…

What is it?

I was sent the Jessops exclusive white Canon Powershot N2 which has a screen that flips up – ideal for me when I’m videoing on the go for my YouTube channel. It also means I can take selfies of my adventures on the go too.

The Tech Bit

You’re probably wondering whether this could be a good camera for a blogger, so give high quality on such a small scale.  Let me show you the next picture I took with it…

I love this photo so much we’re going to make it into a canvas. Can you believe I took this with that tiny camera?! So that gives you an idea of the quality and the images you can achieve from it.

It doesn’t have a specific button to press to take photos, you can use the touch screen or press around the lens. It takes an Micro SD card which is great because it saves space plus it has a wifi button so you can share to the world wide web straight away.  Both key points.

Other important info

  • Optical zoom banding 5-5.9x
  • Megapixel banding 16 to 16.9 Megapixels
  • Dimensions 80.9 x 62.0 x 32.3 mm
  • Weight 201g
  • 8x optical zoom with wide-angle
  • Self portrait setting…aka selfie mode!
  • HD Movies 1080p
  • Built in flash
  • HDMI connection
  • Creative shot mode
  • Adaptable in any light  

As you can see from my images I’ve taken many snaps in numerous scenerios! Check out my pic from Glastonbury with Kanye West… I couldn’t believe my tiny camera could zoom so far and still keep a good quality image.


Good and Bad

Okay so I’d be lying if I said it was spectacular and was perfect on every level, because no camera or piece of technology ever is. Whether this frustrates anyone else or not but there are two things I got annoyed with. Number 1 was the fact there was no button to press in order to capture a picture, you had to either hold in a certain area of the outer lens or touch the screen. I spent some time faffing about when trying to take pictures because I wasn’t touching the outer lens correctly.  Number 2 was the fact that I took numerous photos of my hand because the sensitive touch screen would go off when trying to put the flip screen down etc.

In the grand scheme of things these aren’t bad at all, but they were two areas which I think you should understand.


I’m a huge fan of how compact it is and this is a huge selling point for me. I tend to be well known for being the ‘bag lady’ at press events so by cutting back on a bulky camera but maintaining quality is quite amazing! This camera has been used for filming some of my YouTube videos too such
as my recent trip to Italy, plus it will be joining me on my next trip
to Austria too. It’s £249 which I don’t think is bad for the standard and options you are getting from this camera, other cameras of the same size don’t have the same quality so this is really refreshing to see. I do love my other camera but I truly love this one… and the fact it’s white!