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How to get a good nights sleep

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I really struggle sometimes with sleeping. You’d think with the fact I’m always so busy I’d be out like a light, but I believe the fact I am so busy I find it hard to nod off. My mind races constantly and it makes me find it hard to simply switch off and fall asleep. 

I was sent a press email over with 10 top sleep tips by Dr Laura Kita and because I’ve been counting sheep for the last month I thought I’d give it a go. I do possibly know that everything she says is true I just needed to commit and try it, so over the past month I have given some tips a go. I’ve listed below a few of my key helpers off that list in the hope to help you….

I was sent a Lumie light up alarm clock, lavender oil and a yoga mat – all of which I knew I could adapt into my sleep routine.  According to Dr Laura Kita routine is key.

Blackout Blinds 

This is something I’ve invested in. I had white curtains for some daft reason so instead of resting all the way through, I’d be woken by street lights and noise from outside. Some blackout blinds help reduce noise and to be honest this has made a ridiculous amount of difference. 


I love yoga and tend to do a combination of that during the day, but I’ve never practised before bed.  I decided I’d make myself a camomile tea (also relaxes you) and give some deep stretching postures a go. It really relaxed every inch of me! I’m quite active and sometimes I don’t stretch enough to release the tension in my body from doing classes, so I can spend a lot of time feel tight and uncomfortable… all I will say after doing this is stretch , stretch, stretch!

Essential Oils

Lavender is my best friend. I adore the scent so much that I grow it too! It is known for relaxing you so I put a few drops on my pillow before going to bed.  The aroma filled the room making it feel very chilled… try it in the bath before bed as well.

Wake up alarm

The most genius invention is this Lumie alarm clock which gradually wakes you up with a light – just like the sun as it rises. I hate waking up abruptly with a phone alarm! This allows you to come around in a calming way. 

Turn it off!

I am the worlds worst for this and still find it hard now! My phone is pretty much attached to my hand as I’m tweeting, reading emails and general absorbed in the world wide web. I know I need to put it down and read a book but sometimes it can be tough when my mind is racing about work. Just by switching technology and reading a book I can relax my mind and drift off far easier. 

They are my main things to help me go to sleep and areas I’m working on to make it consistent.  Have a look at Dr Laura Kita’s tips as some of them are really obvious but we don’t seem to do them.  What are your main things to help get a good nights sleep? 


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