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San Antonio, Ibiza | The Alternative 18-30 Holiday

The sun is shining the birds are singing and all I can think about is sitting by the beach away from my day to day life. I’m a firm believer that we all need a holiday, well me especially it helps to keep some sanity and order in my existence!

I’m rapidly approaching 31 (yes I know I’m getting old) and the other day after gazing longingly at the holidays advertised in the local travel agent, I spotted some 18-30 holidays advertised. Holy hell, this is my last year to be in that category I thought! It then got me wondering if 18-30 holidays were actually how they used to be? I mean, we’ve all seen those undercover programs back in the early 2000’s that made holiday makers livid, parents mortified and anyone viewing cringe. So is there anywhere for us young folk to go (I can still call myself young until September) without it being a 18-30 hellish replica to back in the day?

Europe is the holiday destination if you’re looking for some sunshine without breaking the bank, hence why it’s appealing to those of us who can’t afford a 5 star tap dancing holiday. Often flights can be cheap and many holiday providers have package deals which make it more than worth your while. Having been on many sun seeking specific holidays, my favourite would have to be when I ventured to Ibiza.  I can hear you all as you’re reading this… ‘that’s just a clubbers scene surely?’ I once thought that but it isn’t just about the nightlife… that is just a happy bonus.

Wherever you go when on holiday you will always find certain bars that you wouldn’t touch with a barge pole, but remember the same applies to here in the UK…am I wrong? Naturally when you’re on holiday you will discover them, but amongst them can be some hidden gems that sell the most amazing cocktails and give the best views! 

In San Antonio you need to try out the least stereotypical Balearic bar in Ibiza called the Reggae Bar, not the most imaginative of names and I bet you can’t guess what music they play?! But sitting there on Pinet Playa you will feel a million miles away from your 9-5! If you don’t fancy something themed then head to the Cotton Beach Club (about 15 minutes drive away from San Antonio) which is totally tranquil with stunning cliff top views. This is one of the many beach club bars you need to visit. If you do want the classic Ibiza club scene then you must head to Cafe Del Mar for a night out but if you’d like a happy inbetween, look out for the amazing beach club bars; Nassau Tanit, Beachouse Ibiza and No Name. 

San Antonio gave me a happy balance between everything, I could go to some of the most iconic clubs and hear some of the world famous DJ’s but I could then park myself in front of the most inviting blue seas, whilst feeling the golden sand on my feet. The thing I liked about Ibiza was the fact that it made me realise not every ‘young’ person is there to go out every night and cause a riot, some want to be active and see and do things… something I always want out of a holiday and always have done. This is why I loved going on the excursions that were easily available, I went on to some of the nearby islands and had the chance to discover more than just a bar. I’d suggest some scuba diving or snorkeling, one of the private boat trips and visiting some of the other tranquil beaches.The ideal thing about an 18-30 style getaway is that it won’t be families, but on the flip side of that it doesn’t have to be the 18-30’s cliche… you can tailor to dip your toe in to that scene!

Interesting food for thought there… what would you do for an 18-30 holiday alternative? Have you been on one of the original ones?! I think you can make an 18-30 style holiday adaptable to you but still keep it fun.

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