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The Summertime Garden Revamp – Learn To Love Your Garden PART 1

I always go on about how much I love gardens etc but this is
where I confess all and tell you I’m a rubbish gardener. There I’ve said it.
Well, it’s a slight lie because it’s not that I’m a bad gardener I just
physically don’t have the time to maintain it. 
Our garden when we bought it was a bit of a jungle, so that teamed with
a bit more neglected is starting to resemble something out of Jurassic Park.

I used to cringe last summer when people came over for our
garden parties, with our rotting wood table that if you put anything on it, it
may have collapse and the random self setting plants and weeds that cropped
up. I had no space for potting or anything I’d regard as tranquil.  I hated my garden

Enough was enough it needed a garden overhaul.  I got up early on Sunday made me green tea
followed by my Italian filter coffee and took the new garden magazine
outside.  I was seeking some inspiration
to get this looking ship shape.  As I
sipped my tea I jotted down my tasks in order. First thing was weeding.  A huge task but with headphones on and music
filling my ears I drowned the boring task out and discovered that before I knew
it, we had was started to resemble a garden

I only tackled the back… the front it a while different
kettle of fish.

Next was the table. It had to go. I couldn’t freecycle the
poor bugger as it was so far gone it was literally crumbling.  Nick cut up the wood with his saw and we took
it to the tip leaving only the big wooden armchairs but ditched the
deckchairs.  I had a plan to paint them…
but would wait until everything else was completed.  

The table now gone I deweeded and jet washed the patio.  The final goal is put decking in but with a
wedding approaching so fast I can’t even think about that.  I next tided up my patio plants reminding
each one they’re loved (it’s good to talk to your plants) but introduced my
hydrangea to a brand new wooden planter. 
Hydrangeas will grow and go so hoping this one would feel happy to bloom

I picked up some hanging baskets from the poundshop
alongside bedding plants for £2.50 off the market.  I’d missed a lot of seed baring dates so had
to cheat this year. Three hanging baskets of purple petunias hung on the walls
immediately brighten the place up. 
Trimmed back my grapevine and clematis before it took over the garage and
just by doing that we had a neat garden
It was only lunchtime.

With the wooden table gone new patio furniture was needed,
something low maintenance, cheap and good quality (I don’t ask for much!).  The one we got was from Asda’s* outdoor
range at only £249 and it’s the Harversham Classic Patio Set in grey, pretty snazzy for a four seater.  It looked perfect… especially teamed with wooden planters called Larchap Ludlow for my Hydrangeas and the Larchlap Caledonian for my veggies.

Last but not least I needed a potting shelf.  I had originally decided to use an old corner
desk but it’s shape and size was awkward, plus a greenhouse was far from budget
and space.  I welcomed in a beautiful
Timber wooden potting table with shelving, it looked so slick I may actually look like
I know what I’m doing! 

What a transformation it’s been check back next week for the step by step process to our garden makeover…. BBQ avec pimms anyone?!


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