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Interior Ideas for Your Spare Room | HOME

We are lucky to have two decent sized double bedrooms, with one being the master bedroom and the other the guest bedroom. I say the term guest bedroom lightly because to be honest it is a bit of a dumping ground. It is next on my ‘to-do’ list because we do have people stopping over a lot and quite frankly I am fed up of cringing each time we have a guest.

This post is a bit selfish because it is for me to gain some inspiration, but also I hope it is inspiring for those of you in the same position as me. Firstly the walls have been painted from baby blue to white. I always think if you don’t have a specific theme or lots of money, white paint will brighten everything up then when you can do something more adventurous you can deal with it then. New carpet is a must and we’re going to use local East Midlands company The PPM to sort it out – they basically organise it all and fit it for super cheap. Saves me the time and hassle!

Furniture wise there isn’t much going on other than a cheap flat pack wardrobe that I cannot stand. It serves it’s purpose but it’s ugly and won’t really go…it has to go! We need a bed as at present we have an inflatable mattress, then there is nothing else so I’m hunting for some interior ideas.

country western room

Big fan of this country inspired room and I’d probably say this would be favourite out of my creations. I do always fear a room like this may look a bit out of sorts in the summer, but with the right fabrics it should be okay. The grey furniture makes it warm and would work well with my plain white walls. The divan bed is a great idea for extra storage actually with the drawer undearneath, I hadn’t realised that because of our room layout we’re rather limited. Added stags and cactus for a fun twist on country – the cactus are low maintenance too.

paris interior design 

Simplistic and as monochrome as possible, this to me is very classy especially with the spotlight inspired lamp. I love anything french or Paris related so had to add in the classic chic vibe to the design. Again grey furniture works well, I did think about darker furniture for this one but it could look a bit intense, light wooden floors would be a great choice to keep any dark furniture from making the room glum. Storage for this one could be under the bed with plastic tubs and obviously in the wardrobe too. 

pop art inspired room

I had to put in something quirky. This is all your bold primary colours and excitable prints. Could date fairly easy but if kept simple with these fun tones then it could look fantastic, it also could potentially out do any room you’ve already got! Big fan of a chunky looking chair like this because when it isn’t a guest room, that could be a great spot to curl up and read a book on.  

beach room

Who doesn’t love the beach? Well, this is great for the bright
and calm feel it creates but just like the first you’re in danger of
looking lost whilst it’s winter. Also unless you live near the seaside
it could look rather daft. It doesn’t have to be beach orientated with
the signs etc, you can play the theme down and still get that vibrant
inspiring room you’re after. 

What do you think is best for a spare room interior look? Do you go all out or stick to simple? 

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