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Customise Your Denim Shirt | Western Meets 1970’s | Next Blogger Network Competition

how to wear a denim shirt

I was asked just before I vanished to South Africa to take part in a competition via the Next Blogger Network. Would I customise a Next denim shirt from their AW15 collection to my taste and style? Well of course! It’s been a fair while since I got out the old sewing machine so this could be a great move…

country girl

If you saw on one of my other posts I am all about this western meets 70’s trend vibe that’s going on, so my entire inspiration is the ‘country girl’. I used to hate double denim but with this look and with many others there is certainly a time and a place for it.

For my challenge I popped to the local sewing shop and picked up some random pattern swatches of fabric. They were 20p per piece which is crazy cheap. Paisley was always going to happen somewhere, but I felt that I needed something different to sit next to it. I’ve gone for a pattern clash because the colours still work and it makes it that bit different. The main pattern dominates the top half then just a small part sits just above the pocket to create that 70’s look with it’s print. I did debate putting them on a diagonal but to be honest I quite like how this looks as it is.

Customising a shirt like this can be easy but measuring the fabric into the awkward corners was quite tough, but once sorted it was easy to sew from behind. It isn’t as great as I would like but the general idea is there, and I can always unpick to make it neater! I’d of potentially picked a bright thread and sewn from the front to make it that bit more edgy, but decided against it in the end and think it works well with this look.

I even used remaining fabric around my hat… and of course teamed my vintage cowboy boots to complete the look. So…. what do we think?A little extra fabric goes a long way it seems….

how to wear double denim


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