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Backpack style trends

I cycle a fair bit so when I need to carry lots of stuff with me I can’t obviously take a handbag! Using my bog standard free gym bag (I got from joining my gym) I sometimes feel a bit under dressed when using it, especially if I want to change, head out for a spot of shopping or have a coffee with friends. Don’t get me wrong there is always a time and a place for a gym rucksack but before I went off to South Africa travelling I wanted a backpack that could be practical and stylish. 

I hadn’t realised until I began a hunt for a new backpack that there are some super stylish ones about.! By getting one off the list of  types below, I can now essentially be functional and fashionable! Okay, so above I have selected a few ‘types’ out there.

  • Gym

  • Satchel

  • Classic colours

  • Bright florals

  • Textured fabrics

  • Designer labels

  • All round fun!

Personally speaking I like a classic black leather bag because it goes with everything, it’s timeless and won’t look dated like some of the others might. I have the black Fiorelli one from House of Fraser (as seen above) I also have ones similar to the gym bags too, but the leather black bag has a hidden zip pocket in the back (ideal for when I am on my travels) and an inner main pocket.

Finding the right bag that looks good but is actually decent in size is the main decider for me. It’s all well and good having a bag that looks good, but if it’s pokey? I’ll pass.


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