Getting yourself motivated some days to go to the gym is hard, sometimes it’s a breeze and you can be literally skipping to the gym, but others? Jeez. Head hidden under pillow springs to mind. I’d be lying if I said I was constantly motivated to work out, when in fact that is the opposite. I push myself because I have to, but there are days I’d rather curl up in front of the sofa than even consider putting on my trainers.

This is all well and good but what can we do about the dreaded emotion of fitness boredom? It’s simple, you spice it up. Whether it’s trying a new class, getting new gym gear or even exercising without knowing you’re exercising – fear not there is a cure.

I need a new gym routine

Let’s start with the obvious. You’re working out doing the same routine in the gym, you’ve been cracking on with the same plan for the last few months and you’re starting to feel like a hamster on a treadmill… #boredom. First things first, speak to a member of staff and explain you need help devising a new gym routine. Keep in mind what your goals are, have a nosy at what other people are doing and you can’t go too wrong. You can book a personal training session but to be honest, most gyms should give you free advice anyway… if they don’t I’d start gym shopping. Alternatively look online! I got a fantastic swimming workout because I was truly clueless about what I needed to do to get a decent workout, without just doing lengths of the same stroke constantly.

My classes never seem to give me a challenge

You’ve been doing the same kind of aerobics class and it’s just a bit too easy now. Firstly, great that you’re clearly getting fitter, but boo on the fact you’re not getting your monies worth out of your class. Aerobics instructors should always change their routines every so often, if you’re doing a Les Mills class; body attack, body pump, body combat or body balance, these will change every 6 weeks anyway. If generally the type of class is boring the sports socks off you, there are absolutely hundreds of hip and happening things you can try now.


Barre powered by bootybarre  –  Barre combines a fusion of classical ballet moves with Pilates, yoga and dance set to high-energy music- a session of Barre will tone, define and sculpt the whole body from head to pointed-toe!, yep it’s a new rendition of a ballet work out. Good posture and a strong core are the key elements here.


BOOMCycle – This is a class I’m dying to give a go. BOOM Cycle delivers the ultimate ‘party on a bike’ fitness experience. Makes a refreshing change from bog standard indoor cycling.


Frame X-Train at Frame –These do a variety of other frame classes but this one looks set to get you sweating, by using TRX bands, hand weights and own body weight challenges.

VogaIt’s yoga combined with expressive moves of a dance class from the 80’s and a dj onsite for ultimate beats! Never done it but that sounds like it could be good fun!

I hate exercise and I hate having to do it.

You’re someone who needs to enjoy the activity you’re doing, right? Then the best thing to do is find a hobby. I’m not talking baking cupcakes or crafting something, I’m talking active hobbies. What can you do when you don’t always realise you’re exercising? I personally love throwing this into my fitness routine, it shakes it up completely and can challenge you in ways the gym can’t.

  • Cycling – this is quite obvious for me because just by getting on two wheels it can open up so many doors for you. You don’t have to be speedy as Mr Wiggins and do crazy hill climbs (unless you want to), you can simply use it to get to and from work or into town. You’re using cycling as exercise but to your advantage too. You can try mountain biking at some of the National Forest, they have a variety of routes from the easy peasy to the ultimate challenge. You don’t even need to buy a bike because most of them offer cheap rental.

  • Joining a club – By joining a team or a club in a particular sport can really make a huge difference. For example I’m part of British Cycling’s Breeze Network, set up encourage ladies into cycling. Encouraging each other to have a go and make it just enjoyable! Plus it’s a way to meet new people. Other things like roller derby, netball, football… there are so many local groups about, you can just about try anything.

  • Walking – it’s so simple and yet so perfect. Crisp Autumn days in your wellies or walking boots across the fields, with or without a dog can be good for physical and mental stimulation. I can get a little bored walking for the sake of it so I do like a destination, normally it’ll be on a Sunday at a National Park or across the fields towards a local coffee shop for a hot beverage.

  • Skiing or Snowboarding – Head to local snowdome and you’ll have such a great time. They offer classes and even sometimes taster days. I went a few weeks back and hadn’t realised I’d been there for 2 hours!

  • Cleaning – Probably the least favoured but it’s genuinely one of the most strenuous work outs. You imagine, hovering, carting laundry about, mowing the lawn can be hard work – cleaning in general can be a workout on it’s own! To avoid boredom my top tip is either use a wireless speaker to play your iTunes playlist or download Spotify and grab your headphones. Dancing about and cleaning is probably one of my favourite solo activities when no one is in!

I don’t feel good about myself

Definitely one I can relate to. I have major fat days when I wave and leave half my arm behind, so an oversized tshirt will be my choice of clothing. In the gym training in oversized tshirts and joggers can actually make it harder, so what do you do? You go shopping that’s what you do!

Below are some of my top items for a variety of exercises, all from New Look because I’m loving their range for AW15. If jazzy patterned leggings and bold logo tops won’t do it for you… nothing will!

If all else fails sprucing up your fitness wardrobe is a must! All of the above is from New Look believe it or not! I’ve trained in their items quite a few times and it’s pretty good… plus who can resist jazzy leggings! To find out the latest fitness trends make sure you check out my YouTube Fitness Hauls.