When it comes to hunting for a decent hotel in London I sometimes feel somewhat overwhelmed. From big chains to boutiques you really do have a broad range to chose from. The other week I was in London for meetings and decided to steer away from my normal go-to booking, as I was interested to check out every hotel London Piccadilly that I trot past pretty much every time I’m in the London West End.


The hotel is nuzzled right in between the glorious Piccadilly circus and  also over looking the buzz of Leicester Square. I did walk straight past it the first time I was hunting for it because I thought it was further away from the tube station, but luckily Google maps told me it was conveniently located next to a Pret A Manager. Coffee? Check! But more importantly it is really accessible from the underground and most bus services.

Initial Thoughts

On arrival the first thing you’ll notice is the size of the place. It is small with a snug reception area containing one glamorous sofa and flowers for decoration. Don’t get me wrong it was tiny but it didn’t really need to be any bigger. This hotel is in the heart of London’s theatre district, you’ll find amazing restaurants, all of the shopping you could possibly ever want and it’s all within strolling distance of most London sights! This wasn’t a hotel for hanging out in, it was a hotel clearly made as a convenient place to rest your head whilst seeing London.

The Hotel – Arrival

Before I go on, as you may or may not be aware I’m known for asking the question, what’s the wifi code? Luckily this hotel has free wifi which is great for London as many hotels still charge.

Friendly staff was a big bonus and despite the compact storage area, they were happy to keep hold of your bags after check out. I didn’t have an issue with staff they were all content in what they were doing which obviously was pleasant to see. You can use the lifts in the lobby to get to your room, or of course use the stairs if you’re feeling particularly energetic. On your way to the lift you’ll notice a big interactive screen showing updates on flight arrival and departures – very handy as they obviously get a lot of tourists who are from out of the country and need this information.

The Bedroom

My bedroom was rather epic with it’s view looking straight out onto Leicester Square. However I knew something else needed inspecting first, the bed. The bed is always a deal breaker in a hotel and this one was plush. I often find when you don’t sleep in your own bed you have a restless night, but not this time, head hit the pillow and I was out. I assure you that is super rare and trust me I have slept in some terrible hotel beds.

The Bathroom

Bathroom you had a choice of either a bath or a stand alone shower – a great touch offering both. As I’m explaining each area you can clearly see they aren’t losing detail just because it’s a smaller hotel.

Attention to Detail

They’ve actually managed to check everything off, but cleverly kept their interior simplistic without looking budget. I think that’s what makes it look far more spacious than it actually is. There is a clear eye for detail with added extras such as decent toiletries to use and a Nespresso machine in the room, little touches that definitely make the experience much better.

Breakfast Time

As it is a smaller hotel it does mean their breakfast area is small too, but it’s not soggy scrambled egg and burnt sausages, this is (as the hotel call it) a set you up breakfast. I went in and wasn’t sure what to expect from such a title, but firstly the staff I was greeted by served me my well needed first coffee of the day. I saw there was a only a small cove of hot food. Was that it? I thought but I went to investigate, to my surprise what was there was actually looking rather delicious. I spotted freshly baked crusty bread, with pastries and of then of course cereals. It isn’t a large spread but what is there is good, and it would be great fuel for a day exploring London.


Should I book here?

Main reason I’d suggest to book here? Location, location, location. You will save on your travelling whilst in London because you can walk everywhere from this hotel. Covent Garden is 10 minutes away, Oxford Street is 10 minutes the other way, so it is absolutely perfect for Christmas shopping. Honestly that was the biggest winning factor for me, it just felt easy without faffing and I’d step out the hotel and ta-da hello London! If you want a hotel that boasts an elaborate interior or has a swimming pool/spa etc, then this isn’t for you, although the gym on site is not a bad size either and has some great equipment considering.

My View

The other plus point is that it isn’t a big grand hotel and sometimes as bad as it sounds I don’t want to be around too many holidaymakers fussing about – I want a hotel to be small and easy, to come and go as I please and that is just what this hotel is like. It isn’t a luxury London hotel, nor is it trying to be but what it does do, it really does do well. I am surprised to say I really liked it as much as I did and would 100% stay again.