I can’t believe Miss Charlotte Crosby has given us this post Christmas gift in the form of her NEW fitness belly Charlotte’s 3 Minute Bum Blitz. Last year our belly’s got blitzed in her last DVD 3 Minute Belly Blitz, now it’s all about the bum! I reviewed her last DVD so decided to review the new one, I whizzed straight to the checkout to pre-order so I could let you guys know how this one was. So what is the 3 Minute Bum Blitz like? I decided to test and review Charlotte Crosby’s new fitness DVD and let you know if our bums actually get blitzed…

charlottes fitness dvd

I am a huge advocate of fitness outdoors or by doing something other than just being on a treadmill, I used to think fitness DVDs sucked – but it turns out the ones I were doing did in fact suck. I went on a mission January last year to pick apart and discover the best DVDs to do. As let’s be honest when you really don’t want to go to the gym having something so accessible to do (that is conveniently looking right at you on the coffee table), if you don’t do it then you’re just being plain lazy.

I loved Charlotte’s last DVD. Yep that’s correct I loved it. And I HATE fitness DVD’s. I adore going out for runs, long cycles and big swims, but her last DVD changed my fitness. I used to struggle working out whilst I was away travelling so I bought the DVD and downloaded the version for my tablet. No more excuses as Richard Callender would say, I liked doing it but also doing my other stuff. She’s just so hilarious and real you can’t help but get drawn in.

3 minute bum blitz review

// The 3 Minute Bum Blitz

The 3 Minute Belly Blitz was a hit and now the 3 Minute Bum Blitz is the best selling pre order fitness DVD! So this time with Charlotte we have her two trainers Richard Callendar and David Souter ready for more fitness. Both back and ready to put the butt to the test in the same form as before, 3 minutes for each section. You have 12 sections in total, which gives you the opportunity to build up to all of them. If you’re maybe new to exercising or finding some of the sections a bit too challenging at the start. Either way the short breakdowns make the entire DVD far more digestible than any other out there. Rest assured I have tried loads and how this is designed it amazing.

So what do I really think? Personally I am quite excited to dot back and forth from her 3 Minute Belly Blitz to her 3 Minute Bum Blitz and see what happens…! Charlotte is a character you can’t help but love, she is so funny and you can almost relate to when she moans how hard something is. The girl  looks bloody awesome, has worked hard for it and is genuine… and that’s why people love her. With two weddings to attend this year, a plush holiday and two triathlons I best get my bum in gear… best get blitzing it!

charlotte crosby fitness dvd

//Warm Up

We kick off the DVD with the warm up. Quite similar to the original belly blitz warm up, we have punches, hooks, upper cuts, knees, spotty dogs and kicks with movement. Nice and easy to get the heart rate up.

//Blitz 1

The first of the blitz sections, this has an easier option available by trainer David Scooter. It’s one of my faves because we have the combat style on this part. Travelling forward and back, keeping active when you are on the spot by bouncing, then you have a central combat stance which obviously helps workout those quads. I really like this one mainly because you can feel so powerful if you try to punch hard – get those shoulders working.

//Blitz 2

This is Bum 1, the first part of the dedicated moves to target the glutes! Now, you don’t get an intro into how to do this but it’s really simple after the first go you can pick it up. Beginning with squat taps, Richard Callender reminds us about posture and keeping the knees behind the toes. Lunges that deviate to the side to give an alternative to the bog standard lunge, then finishing with travelling jump squats. David Scouter gives his easy alternative if you are just getting used to it.

//Blitz 3

This is deemed by David Scouter as hardcore conditioning. We are told at the start to follow David for easier options but we aren’t actually shown the moves, for me I believe this could of done with a show through because I spent the first round getting my head around what I needed to do. Once you have it it’s obviously simple (in a hardway) to do but none the less a show through would be handy. Donkey kicks, squat jumps then zombies (you lie down the get up again) are the main focus in this section – all about the bum!

//Blitz 4

Let’s get sweaty! Back to the cardio section and again we have a combat themed section. Box steps are introduced here but the normal jabs, elbows, kicks all stay dominant here.

//Blitz 5

Bum 2! You definitely feel this by the end of it. Moves are simple but Richard has designed it so it really challenges you. Balance and core work is thrown here too. You have floor leg raises to really put the icing on the cake! All I am going to say is ouch!

//Blitz 6

Interval 2! All floor work you are raised off the floor holding onto your core and kicking forward whilst propping yourself up, aka crab extensions! A toughy so you have David showing you the easier option here. My most hated exercise is the dreaded mountain climbers, but Richard keeps us on track with posture before moving into crab thrusters.

//Blitz 7

Cardio 3 with a brief intro into the moves by Richard but to be honest it’s so easy to pick up. It’s very active as you should by now be very sweaty! You jump a lot in this 3 minutes, so you have an easier version with David again. Shuffle squats make a good alternative to doing squats on the spot, but also really work the bum and legs. Which is great because you don’t just do condition bum workouts!

//Blitz 8

Bum 8 consists of plyometric lunges which are the devil – just be careful how you land with these as if you put too much weight forward you can hurt your knees. Onto the floor for pelvic pulses which you’ll recognise from the 3 minute belly blitz. Onto the front to isolate the bum again with leg presses – 3 times round and your bottom will hurt and if it doesn’t, wait until the next day!

//Blitz 9

Interval number 3 for targeting of the abs in the form of c-sits with leg kick outs – of course you have an easier option but they’re still tough. We have twists with your legs up or for an easier option keep your legs down, then onto planks that require you to touch your shoulder.

//Blitz 10

Cardio 4 for more fat burning with energetic ski jumps, you’ll notice they are deep so you target your bum. Back onto the floor with crab kicks and planks with jumps in. Great to see them moving you from standing stance to on the floor, certainly keeps the body guessing!

//Blitz 11

Bum 3 is the hardest, with keeping your arms crossed you take the leg behind, get down then back up again. Next we are down to the floor for glutes raises with holds on the spot. Whilst here we keep the bum raised and split the legs in and out. Finally topping off with bounce switches.

//Blitz 12

Interval number 4 for the FINAL section. They require you to have dumbbells but if not you can use water. Burpees are here without the jump at the end but they emphasis your squat on the way up and down. Picking up your water bottles you lift your arms up and down as you squat. Keeping hold of your water bottles to work your upper back you are squatting with your bum out with rowing and flying. You go through it all over again!

//Cool Down

Freestyle and a bit more of a giggle describes Charlotte! You have a bit more of dance vibe here to really keep the cool down smooth and obviously the required stretches!

//Extra Bum Blitz

Bum bonus section of 10 minutes of just bum moves! David Scouter leads this one which is good to see. I won’t give too much away but add this on after the main workout and you will have a pert booty…. it’s tough but totally worth it.

charlotte fitness dvd review

// Verdict

If you read my other post last year about Do Fitness DVDs work? You would discover I used to hate them until I tried Charlotte’s 3 Minute Belly Blitz…. this is very, very similar but not… if that makes any sense. Moves are rather mirrored in places from the last DVD but they will maybe change direction or be slightly different in some form, however as the saying goes if it ain’t broke don’t fix it!

It’s 3 minutes for each section which breaks up this routine to somehow make it less daunting unlike others that are 60 minutes in one sitting. They make me feel so unmotivated because they somehow drag – this does the opposite. A sense of achievement checking off each number is quite an unknown feeling with other fitness DVDs. If you loved the 3 Minute Belly Blitz this is great to give you something new to get you working out. I absolutely love Charlotte’s personality anyway and met her previously after my other review and YouTube video. This gets a huge thumbs up from me and teaming it with the belly blitz and you will be in that bikini in no time!

Charlotte, Richard and David have cracked it again… £12.99 or £11.70 (on the link above) well spent… maybe legs next year Char?