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What To Buy The Fitness Lover // Gift Guide

Fitness Festive Gift Guide

//Top – Wildfox I Hate The Gym Baggy Top //Leggings – Sweaty Betty Halasana 3/4 Yoga Leggings //Headphones – AKG – Y23u In- Ear Headphones //Fitness Tracker – FitBug Orb Fitness Tracker //Trainers – Skechers Sport Trainers //Yoga Kit – Nike Yoga Kit //Weights – Tone Fitness Dumbbell Weight Set //Backpack – Adidas Stellasport Star Backpack 

A tough cookie to crack is the fitness lover or the I want to get fit candidate, especially when it comes to buying gifts for them. Have they got this? Do they need that? Would they like that? It pretty much puts you in the same conundrum as any other gift getting category! Luckily with fitness being all about fashion and expression these days, you can easily find something new and fun as an exercise lovers Christmas present. The main problem is we actually have too much choice, and it can become a minefield in the present getting department. 

Come January and the surge in gym membership and healthy lifestyle has taken off with the new me, new year blah blah… you can possibly use this to your gifting needs and help someone on their way! Now before we go any further don’t go insulting someone by buying them a gym outfit when they don’t do any exercise or have any desire or intention to… that could be a bit of a slap in the chops, its the equivalent of someone getting you a piece of clothing in completely the wrong and bigger size. So chose your gift receiver wisely.  

What should you consider then? Have they got a place in 2016 London marathon? Have they mentioned about getting a fitness tracker? Do they love jazzy leggings like me?! Think outside the box a bit with your present buying, and you could potentially help them on their way to a healthier lifestyle – without insulting them of course! 

Let’s focus on the gift selection above and break down what works for what…

Top Fitness Buying

// Fitness Tracker

Top of my list is a fitness tracker. I LOVE a fitness tracker and in my eyes they are must-have. This year I’ve had the chance to test out a fair few, but for me and my training I want something that gives me so much information in order to get better, beat my times and push significantly harder. Others? Not always the case. For example my Mum loves to know how many steps she’s doing a day or how many calories she burns doing her aerobics class, and this is the ideal present for someone like her. I think they can really help boost your feelings towards exercising so these are quite an awesome present in my eyes. You don’t need anything too fancy and of course nothing that breaks the bank, (as some are very pricy) so after doing some research I found this FitBug Orb Fitness & Sleep Tracker for only £49.00. Not at all too expensive, compatible with android and apple phones and also links up to the Kiqplan app.  The app  helps users monitor how well they’re doing on a daily basis, shows you how to do exercises and basically helps monitor sleep quality, weight, alcohol consumption, cigarettes smoked, alongside your fitness. Comes in black, white and pink so can be unisex and looks rather smart. 

// Headphones 

Great idea for those who are getting into running – again ideal for any marathon runners or those who have a big event they’re training for 2016. Music really does help motivate people with exercise particularly those new to sports. Remember some people can barely run 5k and have entered races for charity, so providing them with a way to get that motivated would be a pretty cool present. By picking ones that are colourful like these AKG ones, it makes the task of exercising seem that little bit more fun… and they’re less likely to lose them! 

// Gym Bag 

You need to put all your stuff somewhere! Pick a stylish backpack for your gift receiver like this Adidas StellaSport one. I have one like this I got in Germany pre Berlin marathon and I don’t go anywhere without it. Bright, fashionable, practical and fun – which is just what fitness should be promoted as. You can’t really go wrong with a backpack, I personally prefer these over a holdall because if you want to cycle or walk in, you will struggle lugging a huge bag that can’t go on your back. Plus a backpack is better for your back because the weight is distributed equally. 

// Yoga Kit

Perhaps you have a person who has got into fitness but wants to try something new? Yoga is something I need to add more into my routine as it’s good for your physically and mentally, so this is quite a diverse gift as it could be basically used for anyone. For example a person who doesn’t do much exercise  but sometimes has muscle problems, this could be ideal for stretching, or maybe someone who needs encouragement to unwind a bit more. Team this Nike kit with a yoga book for beginners, some candles and you could really create a perfect fitness yoga hamper! 

// Footwear

Yes! Fun, colourful and outrageously loud trainers – yes please! Depending on fitness goals the trainer possibilities are rather endless, hunting for a pair without enough knowledge could potentially cause Christmas shopping melt down! Fear not just ask a few questions in passing about what they like to do, maybe they like to do lots of running, or walking, or fitness classes? Sometimes you can even pick up some snazzy ‘general’ lifestyle ones like the Skechers above. This brand tend to offer great footwear for comfort, support and prints, but also they’re good for all the activities listed above.  

// Equipment 

I’ve chosen weights from Tone Fitness as my equipment choice because this is a great item for the home. There are many, many options so check places like Argos and TKMAXX for deals on similar items. I don’t always get a chance to do a weight session because of time, so having that option to do some at home is great. A set like that which can be neatly stored away is perfect for the bedroom, in the cupboard, under the bed or maybe even next to the mirror to make sure they use them! Again colours make it more playful and far more appealing rather than the aggressive/boring/uncolourful looking kind! 

// Clothing

This is a double whammy because as you can see I have chosen two! A top from Wildfox that clearly states I hate the gym, which is obviously as a bit of fun… and just been added to my Christmas list! And of course jazzy leggings from Sweaty Betty because everyone knows that if you have outrageously loud leggings, your workout is obviously going to be outrageously good… either that or they just look dammed good! This is a bit of a winner too, but again be careful as some people who are new to working out don’t like to draw attention to themselves so maybe start with less crazy ones and go from there. 

The Shopping Verdict

I always think a fitness item for Christmas is a great motivator for anyone and can really have a positive impact if done correctly. If you have a really overweight aunt who has never shown any sign of interest in exercise and you buy her a new workout outfit in the wrong size, you may make things awkward when that clearly isn’t for her. Some people are quite content with how much activity they do and there is nothing wrong with that. However, sometimes there are people who are wanting to make that next step to being active but aren’t quite sure – these are my most favourite people to buy for! The Fitbug is ideal as a starting point, then something like the headphones or a new item of gym clothing is will all be a good move. 

Have fun with it regardless and hopefully I’ve given you a bit of gift guide inspiration for the fitness lover! 



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    This place is absolutely gorgeous, beautiful and stunning. Even though a few halls are equally appealing and fascinating in their decor, food and aesthetics, I'm tempted to still give these Chicago event venues some slight edge.

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