coast2 coast leicester review

As you may be aware breakfast is my MOST favourite meal of the day. I just feel incomplete without it. Don’t get me wrong I love my morning cup of coffee, but minus some kind of breakfast I’m more than likely not to have much of a productive day and that is why I’m very active in spreading the word about how important breakfast is.

As you can imagine I was over the moon to tie in my morning shopping trip in Leicester with a cheeky stop off avec my hubby for a spot of breakfast at Coast to Coast  American Restaurant, Leicester Highcross. I’ve never been for a breakfast before but we’ve previously been when it first opened for dinner, and that was a rolling home happy experience! So you can imagine my sheer excitement over trying their breakfast after we were invited the other week.

I love shopping in Leicester because it makes me slightly nostalgic for living there in my university days, but back then the Highcross wasn’t the Highcross, it was simply the Shires with very little to tickle your fancy food wise. Now it’s an amazing place full of great shops and amazing restaurants, including Coast to Coast. My husband seemed to know far more about it than me originally, as I somehow thought it was some kind of buffet place but obviously that was very very wrong.

We decided to go in for a spot of brunch after taking part in the Leicester ParkRun, which totally justified going absolutely crackers over what we ordered. On arrival staff were straight on the ball making us feel welcome and swift to take my caffeine order – always a smart move especially as it arrived with mini Oreo style biscuits!!

We were handed the menu and I suddenly felt my mouth water as soon as we started to read it, I kid you not, it was epic. I eyed up what other people were eating, (as somehow that helps me narrow down my choices) but I didn’t want to keep my rumbling stomach waiting any longer so went for the french toast with bacon… and a side of black pudding. This menu was such a mirror of what I remember having the choice of when I went to America.

Hubby when for pancakes with fried egg, bacon and black pudding. I was really happy to discover coffee was free refill (always a winner) and the breakfast was ridiculously cheap for the size you got. I truly wanted to order more just to try it but I could barely finish my own plate, and after that I didn’t eat until dinner I was so full! Cooked breakfasts were from £5.25, but there were also pancakes and of course waffles to try as well. The best thing was you could pretty much build your own breakfast!

I loved this place. Looking around there was memorabilia and references to various states in America, and somehow the decor reminded me of those bars in the USA you see in sitcoms. It went from being some random chain, to being the place I wanted to conquer my way through the entire menu. My waistline was not going to like me much – but quite frankly I didn’t actually care as this was so delicious.

coast to coast leicester highcross

After eating what can only be described as the best meal out I’d had in quite a while, I discovered that they have a cocktail menu. Admittedly it was just past 12pm when I found it, but after that epic breakfast I couldn’t think of putting anything else into my body… but don’t worry that’ll definitely be happening next time… watch this space!

Happy Breakfast Week! 

*Thank you to Coast To Coast Restaurants for inviting us*