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Pyjama Party // Staying In, Is The New Going Out

January is here and lots of us are either on some kind of health kick, avoiding the booze or tightening the purse strings. I am sort of doing all three! I have a few big races to train for, I’m a bridesmaid this year, I’ve got holidays coming up and more than anything I really need to save those pennies fast.

If you know me, or read my blog you’ll know my favourite look is of course the pyjama look. Yes, that’s right, as much as I love day-to-day clothing pyjamas are top of the bunch. Getting a new pair of pyjamas is my biggest treat and if I’m having a terrible week that is a sure bet to cheer me up. I have a lot of pyjamas but many are cheap so will only make it through on or two washes, so when Joules sent me a new set I knew these were going to last! With this is in mind and a must for all pyjama lovers, I’ve decided to show you my how-to guide to a night in…

I’ve had my same old dressing gown from Primark for a good 3 years now, the colour is faded, it’s less soft than it started out being and it really needed throwing out about a year ago! Joules sent me a plush berry coloured dressing gown, floral legging pyjama bottoms and a long sleeved pyjama top.  All perfect for these chilly nights in. I decided as my hubby was away with work last night that I would indulge in some me time and have a chick flick movie night with some pampering.

// What you’ll need

Pyjamas (of course)*
Chunky socks
Highlights hot chocolate
Your favourite Mug
Face mask
Chick flick
Nail polish
Long hot bath or shower

You may be thinking, this costs money? Which it does but with so many multi buy offers all of these things will last a fair few times and cost significantly less than a night out. I mean a taxi alone can cost you a small fortune! As my bedroom was all nice and tidy with fresh bedsheets, (when my room is messy I can’t relax) I could really chill and the whole point of this exercise was to chillout and unwind before my big week ahead.

I decided on one of my favourite films, Chalet Girl but just as I haven’t seen them in a while, Dirty Dancing and It’s Complicated joined the line up. I recently went to St Anton with some amazing girls and we actually saw the chalet from Chalet Girl – I was so excited I had to try and remain calm to avoid the danger of looking royally uncool! So watching this was going to make me very happy! It just snowed here too so it somehow felt more fitting than normal – teamed with a low calorie hot choccie = winning at nights in!

Face masks are great to do when you’re on your own, you’ll have no one trying to make you laugh or attempting to interact with you so it’ll work its magic far better! I had a really nice hot shower beforehand using some body scrub and body butter, then did my face mask whilst sorting my nails out. I paused the film to go make my hot chocolate before having a lovely nights sleep after it was finished. 

Sometimes you just need to press the pause button and January is ideal for playing catch up.  What do you love to do on nights in? 


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