What is the most important meal of the day? Breakfast! It’s the meal that kick starts you into gear and pushes your metabolism into full swing. However many of us actually ditch breakfast altogether – I will hold my hands up. I used to. Now I never ever miss it because I have really learnt how important it is, plus I absolutely adore my first meal of the day more than any other.

Breakfast week is fast approaching and if you were a reader of mine this time last year, you will be fully aware of my passion behind it. For me personally keeping healthy by the foods I eat is important for balancing me out, (particularly with my epilepsy) so I was extremely excited to be promoting this years Breakfast Week with the Nestlé cereals team in the Shake up, your wake up campaign. It is all about encouraging us to be bold, be fun and be different with our breakfast routine! But more to my excitement I wasn’t just helping to be a part of this national campaign, it wasn’t just Nestlé cereal on my doorstep… There was a bigger surprise in store…

I won’t give away too much just yet, (as it isn’t quite breakfast week) but make sure you stay tuned to my YouTube channel for my surprise —-> subscribe here <—- b=””>  

We can sometimes get stuck in a rut with what we eat at breakfast time, I went through a stage of basically eating the same thing every single day. Boring right? I do have the attitude if it ain’t broke don’t fix it, but actually variety can be a really good thing particularly with regards to what we eat. With that in mind from last breakfast week and throughout 2015, I always made sure I ate new things I wouldn’t normally or gave myself alternatives to taste. 

I do love a bowl of cereal and a cup of tea in the morning especially after my morning run or spin session. I tried quite a few of the Nestle cereals that greeted me on the doorstep last week and even though I could of eaten all of them, nothing will ever come between my love of Shredded Wheat! My favourite and it’s also awesome for fuel burning! 

If like me you try to treat your body like a temple with what you put in it, always have a look on the label about contents – the green tick across the top on Nestle cereal packs ensures you’re getting whole grain goodness of at least 8g! However they are all packed with fibre, vitamins and minerals… And obviously cereals like Shreddies keep hunger locked up until lunch!

So I am pleased to announce that breakfast week 2016 will be with us very soon! Why not start planning what you’re going to try to shake up your wake up next week? See you at breakfast! 


*This post is in collaboration with Nestlé cereals*