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Activewear on a budget // Fitness

We are full swing into the year and if you’re reading this you’re probably still into your fitness for 2016. Good on you! I always think if you’ve managed to stick with any new fitness regime by now, it’s gonna stick with you as a habit… so keep going!

I like to feel inspired by what I wear when working out and trying to keep up to date with the latest fitness technology and fashion can be super pricey. Instead of looking at all the specific sports brands I’m going to show you my top picks of sporting fashion from the high street and online fashion brands. You can’t always be forking out for top sportswear, in fact sometimes the cheaper options are just as good… many are even more fun too! 

// BooHoo Fit 


BooHoo Fit

BooHoo Fit has been a newish discovery to me, but the main thing that stands out is how cheap it is! You can snap up an absolute bargain… without it actually looking like a bargain. Basically it’s the equivalent of Primark prices but you have the comfort of shopping online… plus more choice! They have released some more pieces into this season so lots more jazzy leggings, logo tops and even some bright trainers. If you want to see some of my latest purchases from BooHoo Fit have a look at my latest active wear haul on my YouTube channel – Click Here

*Best bargains
*Super stylish
*Lots of choice

Want to discover more? Read on…

// Next NX Sport Performance 


Next Activewear

I can’t say I’ve ever used anything from the NX Sport Performance range but those who have, have always spoke only good things. If you’re not a bright prints and loud colours kind of person this range could be what you’re looking for. There is obviously the options to have a neon splash, but it pretty much is very subtle ‘blend in’ workout gear. Obviously this option is more expensive than the likes of Boohoo Fit. 

*Only a small selection

// New Look Active 


new look activewear

New Look fitness has come on leaps and bounds since it first launched. I went into their store the other day and couldn’t believe how much was available. Nice and affordable, but a little more expensive than Boohoo Fit. You can go as mad as you want with New Look, but they still offer the very basic elements for those who don’t want to draw any attention to themselves. 

*Lots to pick up
*New items all the time – so you can miss out
* Middle of the road in prices

// H&M Fitness  


H&M Activewear

My first ever pair of jazzy leggings came from H&M. Those bad boys really caught my eye! I will say that their technical gear has got better over time because those first pair of leggings wouldn’t hold their elasticity at all. Not sure if they switched fabrics or cost of creating has become more expensive, but prices aren’t as thrifty as before. However you can be sure to get something fun!

*Very fun
*Quite expensive for a highstreet

All of the items above are on each of the brands websites. If you love a active wear top picks then you’re sure to like my fitness hauls… check out my latest on my YouTube channel. As always any questions let me know, or why not tell me what you love in fitness on the highstreet?



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