I feel like I’m on some kind of ongoing quest to find the best place to have breakfast, and today I’m going to tell you about a recent breakfast stop to Peter Pizzeria in Loughborough. As you know I strongly believe breakfast is the most important meal of the day, and when it’s done right it can really kickstart your morning.

I’m a big fan of Peter Pizzeria in Loughborough having eaten their tasty pizzas on numerous occasions, hosted blogger events at their venues, popped in for a bit of lunch now and again, and now I was about to try a Peter breakfast. Yes, breakfast in a pizzeria – am I eating pizza for breakfast? No silly! But get ready for some tasty goodness that will make you hungry!

Starting the Saturday out with a quick whip around the Charnwood area on two wheels, my husband and I decided to try out the new Peter breakfast menu post cycle. Both Peter in Loughborough and Leicester offered breakfasts but stopped them to concentrate on their pizzas and lunch time paninis. Thankfully for  breakfast lovers like me they are back and they are goooood.

When we got in I noticed the menu appeared small and because I was absolutely ravenous I was wondering if this was actually going to be any good. However being honest that was probably a blessing for someone as indecisive as me… although I must admit I still had to send our waiter away twice before I finally chose my food!

As I mentioned the breakfast menu is small, but as I like to say the same about myself, it’s small but perfectly formed! The Peter breakfast menu is a selection process of what to have with scrambled egg. It’s so simple yet genius! I could have one item with my eggs or as many as I wanted. Pesto, peppers, cherry tomatoes, chorizo, bacon, mushrooms… the list goes on. The eggs on their own are £3 then you add from £1.50-£2 per additional item, so build your own breakfast basically.

I decided first thing was to get us a americano coffee whilst we mulled over what to have with our scrambled eggs. I was rather in need of caffeine and this was absolutely spot on – complete with a milk cow. In the end I went for pesto, chorizo and cherry tomato, and Nick had peppers, parmesan cheese and chorizo.  Both dishes came with lightly toasted crusty bread, a good sized amount of everything and the best part was that the scrambled eggs were light and fluffy. Nick as you know was a head chef for many years and I always like to get his opinion. Initially he wasn’t sure about having breakfast in a pizzeria, but after not saying a word to be as he gobbled his food contently, he said he was really impressed and would love to go back.

My tummy is genuinely rumbling as I’m writing this. It was an absolute bargain for a Saturday morning breakfast treat, but if scrambled eggs aren’t you’re thing they also have a selection of fresh pastries – maybe you could have one teamed with a cappuccino?! Breakfasts are available on Friday and Saturday mornings from 8.30am until 11.30am.

Okay now I’ve told you about it, who fancies Blogger Breakfast Club with me then?!