It can be a bit confusing when you’re shopping for a sports bra. There are so many things to think about, are they all the same? Are there certain types? Do I need loads? Is one enough? It can be confusing so that’s why I’ve come up with the four main types I use to help with your sport bra shopping. 

I know there are some people who use the same sports bra for the same activity. Whilst there is nothing wrong with that, you might find you’re either over or under restricting movement. This is either because it is far too supportive or it’s just not supporting you at all. So where do you start when you’re trying to find the right support? 

Why do I need a sports bra? Our breasts are fragile things made up of fatty tissue, they go through a lot in our lifetime, so supporting them correctly is key! When we do something reptitative like jumping about in body attack or gazelling along the pavement on an evening run, if unsupported the ligaments within the breasts can stretch. Unlike muscles we stretch or pull, the breasts don’t go back to the original state. Unfortunately thru arent muscles so they just sag. Put it this way during exercise your breasts can bounce up to 14cms when unsupported! Do you really want saggy breasts as the result of not wearing a decent sports bra?! Exactly! 

I’ve worn Shock Absorber bras for quite a few years, when the company was well on it’s way to developing new forward thinking products.  All in aid to help women get the most of exercise with suppprt and comfort. Shock Absorber goes as far back at 1994 and has come on leaps and bounds over the years. The four areas below are the specific bras I believe are best for those activities – I’m a 32D so I need support whatever the impact level and these are what I use.


Why Shock Absorber?

//Quick drying 


//Moisture Wicking

// Award winning 

Active Multi -Sport 

What I use it for // Body Attack, body combat and indoor cycling

This is an award winning design. Yep it's that good! I personally find this one good for high impact activities because you not only have a hook fastening bit, you also a clip too and the fabric doesn't rub either. Initially I did feel weirdly restricted but that was just confirmation my other ones were not supporting  me and the 'restriction' was purely support. 

Ultimate Run Bra

What I use it for // Road running, trail running and cycling 

This has been the best running bra I have tried... and I have tried a lot. Wearing the wrong sports bra for this can be agony afterwards - especially if you have a large chest. It has infinity-8 support system to counteract the breasts movement when running, which certainly helps to avoid breast sag and any other activity induced chest pain too. Luckily this runners specific bra can reduce the bounce rate of up to 78% and because of the type of fabric, it is friction free. If you decide to do any long distance running this one is the one - it even has reflective tape for high visibility.

Active Zip Plunge 

What I use it for // Weight training and body pump 

This one I find isn't as supportive but that is not a bad thing! Don't get me wrong it is supportive but it's less restrictive and more flexible. This one I use for my body pump classes or weight training sessions. You can move your arms easily for shoulder presses, tricep dips, bicep curls and of course push ups. It has hooks and a zip fastening on the front.

Active Shape Support
What I use it for // Body balance, yoga, pilates and dog walking

I love this sports bra! The fabric feels amazing on which is why I prefer to have it as my yoga bra.  It's quite a feminine shape that makes it that little bit more flattering, possibly why I wear it for more of my low impact activities. This is the bra I wear and forget I am actually wearing it... it's that good.  

Can one sports bra work for anything? Yes you can  buy one sports bra to use across all your activities. Will you be comfy though? Possibly not. We do different motions for different exercises and use different impact amounts. I think it's good to use different sports bras not only for support but for comfort too. Shock Absorber clearly know what they are doing and that's why I geniunely think this selection I have given you work for, running, multi sport, stretch and weights. Do you have a sports bra specific to each of your activities? *in collaboration with Shock Absorber*