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HP Lounge With The HP Spectre Launch // Aluna George And Jack Garrett

You may or may not remember but I was invited by HP to go to one of their epic HP Lounge events to interview and see the super talent, Years and Years. This time I was going to report on their recent gathering for Jack Garrett and Aluna George, all in celebration of the unveiling HP’s brand new product HP Spectre… it truly is as sleek as it sounds.

Music is deep routed in me from my years of studying the industry at both degree and masters level, but I miss out on the live aspect of it. Many of us actually miss out on live music and HP is fighting it’s way to conquer that. T

his time they were welcoming the musical talents of Aluna George aka Aluna Francis who creates a sound of an amalgamation between electro pop and a splash of RNB. Then of course we had the bearded Londoner, Jack Garrett who delivers top tracks full of electro vibes via drums machines but also has a touch of RNB and drum and bass. 

I’m sure you’re wondering why such a big event for a product? Last time was all about the launch of the exclusive Star Wars related technology and when I had to privileged of attempting to drive a BB8 around a course (I was terrible thank goodness that droid drives itself!). This was all about the world’s thinnest laptop. 

Gone are the days of the pure bulk and weight, the fabulous HP Spectre  is to change all that. Here are a few key reasons it’s here to push the boundaries in new laptop design

  • It has a carbon fibre bottom keeping it both thin and light weight at only 1.1kg
  • It has high glass copper accents reflect a hand polished/jewellery like finish
  • Hurray! It’s full HD
  • Longer battery life (up to 11 hours)
  • 6th Generation Intel Core
  • Bang & Olufsen are the brains behind the stereo speakers with HP Audio Boost technology

I’m sure you’ll agree it’s pretty nifty and looks so sleek! Where can you get it? Head over to official website to get some information on the worlds thinnest laptop 


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