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Need some inspiration? Join the SlimFast Lunch Club! #SlimFastLunchClub

The other week I played host to the first Slimfast Lunch club on Twitter. I have previously tried SlimFast, this was just before my hen do to give my lazy butt a kick into gear. I love my food and even though I train a lot I’d got myself in a pickle with calories, basically being honest I’d eat far more than I should, and would justify it by the fact I’d done high intensity training. 

I wanted to feel good for my wedding so I needed to shift a few pounds – nothing major even just a couple would of been great. The general rule of thumb is with weight loss is around 75% diet and 25% fitness, so I’d got the fitness side of things down but a combo of over sized portions and slabs of cake were totally contradicting all my hard work. 

I took on the Slimfast 3,2,1 Challenge and even though I’d been rather sceptical previously, but I knew having something to dictate my calorie intake was what I needed. The ease was probably the best thing in my eyes, meaning I could then keep on track of myself. I originally thought it was just powders full of bad ingredients when actually it somehow just worked for my busy lifestyle.  I also learnt regulations and nutritional content scrutiny, has meant that people like SlimFast are bettering their ingredients constantly. Things aren’t the same as early days and there is a lot of good nutrition packed in.

I lost a good 5 pounds on it over the two weeks I tried it. I wasn’t hungry from cutting down which was the most surprising, but it was more to do with the bad habits I needed to shake. What I mean is by picking up better habits such as having a glass of water when I felt hungry etc. I even bought myself a smaller plate for dinner times and this all helped slowly push out those pesky bad habits. 

The full review can be found in my article from last year but to let you know, I found the shakes in the morning the best. I often train first thing so my breakfast meal can either get missed or I eat and feel ill. Having a shake gave me the needed morning fuel in the tank, but actually opened my eyes up to other options for breakfast in liquid form for after the plan. I now have a protein shake or make myself a smoothie. 

Have I gone back to SlimFast since? Yes and no. For me it was about getting into better habits, but saying that I tried their noodles range and found myself hooked on them. They’ve just bought out a chicken sweet and sour flavour – I love it. The noodles are around 80 calories and I often use them as a snack or as part of a main meal. 

If you’re unsure about SlimFast and need some more information, you need to join the SlimFast Lunch Club on Twitter with +SlimFastUK. The first one was last week with myself but there are more getting involved each week. The series kicked off on 16th May, running every Monday lunchtime at 12.30pm for 20 minutes, up to and including 4th July. Fancy joining in? Simply search #SlimFastLunchClub on Monday to get chatting! 

*This post is in collaboration with Slimfast UK*


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