DFS and Team GB have joined forces to celebrate Rio 2016 together. But what do sofas and sport actually have in common you ask?

It all comes from their latest campaign between the two. Apart from being an official sponsor for Team GB’s trip to Rio, both have an understanding of how to balance life and work with good recovery. There is nothing better than getting through that door at the end of the day and sitting down with a cup of tea… but with that in mind I’m going to guide you through a sofa stretch for those recovery days. 

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I love being active, I get such a buzz out of training but I know in order to get a good workout on the next training day, I have to give myself enough rest. It can be so tough because sometimes o those ‘rest days’ when the sun is shining, all I want to do is grab my trainers and hit the trail runs. Naughty! I should recover properly, and DFS and Team GB truly understand its importance in their new campaign. Check out the creation of the sofa in the video below:

Curling up on the sofa and unwinding is a must for me on my rest days. Admittedly I have to steer clear of the need to munch on popcorn whilst watching films, but none the less it is an evening must. Keeping good posture at all times with the added comfort and support is so so important. Your body needs rest in order to push on harder so investing in good quality sofas and chairs should be a top priority. With Rio 2016 quickly approaching many of us will indeed be eagerly watching our teams with great anticipation, sitting in the lounge on the sofa staring at the screen, feeling high emotions and inspiration in our workouts.

Sometimes it’s hard to imagine how sitting and relaxing on a sofa is actually any good for us, so I have my top 5 sofa stretches for you. BUT first make sure you have a look at the new Britannia collection from DFS. 

Remember muscles are torn in the gym, fed in the kitchen and mended in bed on the sofa

Sofa stretches for recovery days whilst you’re have a sofa session. Feel guilty no more. It’s time to do a sofa stretch. 

// Hip Flexor Stretch 

Put one leg bent onto the sofa with the other slightly bent (keep knee behind ankle), on the floor in front. Lean into the stretch and you’ll feel the stretch in those hip flexors. 

// Hamstring  Stretch #1

Bend one knee and and place it with the shin resting on the cushion, carefully extend your other leg in front of you. In the picture above I’m showing you what NOT to do. ALWAYS put your weight on the bent leg and not the one extending. 

// Hamstring Stretch #2

Another option for a hamstring stretch. Stretch your legs out in a V shape, bend one leg in and lean with the chest towards the straight leg. 

 // Groin Stretch 

Sit with your legs bent and the base of your feet meeting together, apply a small amount of pressure from your elbows onto the legs to intensify the stretch. 

//Calf and Stretch

Using the arm or the back of the sofa split the legs and push one leg back. Keep one of your legs bent wth the other straight with the foot flat against the floor. This will stretch out those tight calf muscles. 

TIP // if you’re still feeling the need to stretch further get yourself a roller to massage those achy legs. I apologise in advance for how much it hurts but it really does help in the long run! 

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