Halford camping

I absolutely love going camping! I don’t even care if it rains just as long as I can pitch my tent without a monsoon gushing down! I go camping quite a bit although this year I’ve only been once which is crazy for me. I tend to camp over a long weekend in the Lake District, then tie it in with a bit of mountain biking or even a good old classic hike… and pub lunch stop!

Today I’m going to be chatting about some of my top camping memories and also some little tips and you can get from Halfords Ultimate Camping Guide.

My mum hates camping so we never really did it, there was one time where we went to France and the tent leaked so we ended up in a caravan – so that’s about it for camping as a child! Obviously I’d pitch a tent in the back garden, and even into my early teens sleepovers were often down the other end of the garden. It’d be hot chocolate, ghost stories and mission impossible style trips to the loo, (obviously to avoid all the potential monsters outside lurking about)!

I sort of stopped camping until my early twenties when I went to festivals, but it really got going when I met my husband and the love returned. He is very adventurous and loves being outdoors, so it sort of rubbed off on me. You can see so many places and experience something that a bog standard hotel can’t. As long as I am warm and dry I don’t care, but if you are in one of those situations then working out plans to salvage them is key. For example if you’re going to bed and it’s chilly – wear a hat! By keeping your head warm you’ll keep your body warm.

Halfords sent me their new Halfords Ultimate Camping Guide for 2016. It’s free to get one and it gives you the basic essentials, that you need to know about camping. It breaks down some great areas for a good camping trip, which is ideal because you should always find out what’s nearby. Plus if you have children, what is there to  entertain them? However if you’re stuck the guide actually gives you some hints and tips on how to entertain your kids, whilst on a camping trip!

One area I love is the Lake District and in this guide it gives you some amazing places you should visit. Lake Windermere is gorgeous and the best part is you can rent a boat, or even do water sports if the weather is good. When it comes to campsites around the Lake District it is going to be busy in the summer months, personally I like a quiet campsite. Camping for me is a good opportunity to take in a bit of calm of the beautiful surroundings and having a quiet site is what I tend to seek. There is a great campsite (as suggested by Halfords) called The Quiet Site. They even have Hobbit Hole style accommodation!

If you fancy a new adventure then I do suggest taking a camping trip this summer. Make your peace with the fact it might rain as then anything else is a bonus!

Feeling inspired? Make sure you have a look at the nifty Halfords Ultimate Camping Guide, they have a great range of tents here too… and finally make sure you check back soon for my next camping trip!

*In collaboration with Halfords*