HP Deskjet 3220

To celebrate the launch of HP’s new DeskJet 3720 – the world’s smallest all-in-one printer – I decided I would give my desk space a refresh. Desk space will be vast and you will feel blissfully organised with this fabulous new printer. Even better, you can use HP’s new 4×5 inch sticky photo paper tailored just for their Social Media Snapshots app, allowing you to print off all of your favourite photos from Facebook, Instagram and Twitter to decorate your newly-decluttered space!

My office is normally a well organised tidy place. I love making labels and folders but recently with me jetting off here, there and everywhere, I have quite literally dumped everything and gone. In fact after my trip to Riga and flying off to Austria, I turned my suitcase upside down and emptied the entire contents on the floor. Oh the horror! Not wise or good mental karma… I was now on a clear mission…

I decided after my trip to Austria to spend two evenings organising myself. I needed a new system and to pretty much cleanse my entire office of unneeded clutter. I felt quite honestly swamped with disorganisation and it had started clogging up my thoughts. I had begun to feel unproductive. So here I am with this brand new printer and a cluttered office. 

Very cluttered don’t you think? I have my beautiful purple upcycled desk with the biggest printer taking up so much space and unneeded ‘bits’. I would ideally like files on there for putting invoices in, a box for receipts and generally to make that desk a well utilised space. At the moment I have stuff that could be moved to better homes!

I was ready to take on this mammoth desk and procrastinate no more. Armed with a freshly brewed tea and a cheeky chocolate biscuit stop in between – 1 hour later and ta-da! Introducing my new cleansed and decluttered office space. Look how much space that printer has freed up! I will start to look at making the space more personal with some of my instagram snaps, possibly in picture frames or via the HP Snapshot app and stick photos from there to the walls. 


Feeling inspired to do a office clean? too If so I want to do a desk makeover too and share it with me! Use the hashtag #HPShelfie with a photo of your desk makeover. 

Why #Shelfie? Well thanks to sites like Pinterest and Instagram, inspiring interiors are having a serious moment in 2016, and the #Shelfie trend – taking pictures of aspirational working spaces – is ever-growing in popularity!  I know I get most of my interior inspiration from searching both of theses social sites and feel it is such a great campaign. By working in a decluttered places we’re far more productive. 


Back to #HPShelfie, I will be selecting a winner for the month of July and August, who will receive a jazzy new HPDeskJet3720 printer, a years supply of Instant Ink (HP’s ink replacement service which automatically sends ink to your door when you’re running low) and Social Media Snapshots photo paper (like in the picture above), so you can print all your Facebook, Instagram and Twitter snaps. 

What are you waiting for… Get snapping those desks! 

P.s if you want to tag me in your photos… find me on Twitter and Instagram. 

*In collaboration with HP*