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Taking a well needed break isn’t just a treat, it is also required to keep us healthy. We spend so much time rushing about, we totally can miss the signs our bodies give us to just stop and relax. Last week I was invited to indulge in a spa day at The Midland Hotel in Manchester with my friend Jodi. I couldn’t wait, a day of body rebalancing was very much on the cards. 

A girls spa day was definitely something I needed and couldn’t wait to get there. The Qhotel venue is easy to locate and really set the scene with its grand lobby area. Having actually hosted events and conferences at this venue, I knew it well for its amazing hosting spaces and fantastic hotel rooms.  Even though I knew the venue I’d never actually been to its spa area. 

Heading down the lift to the lower ground floor, we were immediately greeted by the aromas of lavender. Staff were very friendly and got us to fill out all appropriate forms, before we started our day. Both Jodi & I hit the gym first to get a sweat on, and to justify lunch and going out in Manchester that evening. 

After a training session we decided a quick chinwag with one of the speciality teas in the relaxation room was needed. You could try a number of combos depending on your desired goal. Afterwards a dip in the pool and jacuzzi was on the cards. The ambiance of the place was working a charm, I was so chilled it was amazing – I hadn’t felt like this in quite a while. 

We were both booked in for the Espa Serene Sleep treatment. It was seriously out of this world good. They used restorative oil for the hot stone back massage with marma points. A pro serum for facial drainage with a warm rose quartz crystals, and finally onto an overnight hydration mask and scalp massage to finish. I had a lady called Nicola taking me through my serene sleep. The music and lighting in the room was spot on, ultimately meaning I nearly fell asleep a few times!

The Espa Products //

Cleanse & Tone // Espa Hydrating Cleansing Mask & Hydrating Floral Spafresh

Face Treatment Oils // Overnight Hydration Therapy Mask, Optimal Skin Proserum & Optimal Skin ProMoisturiser

After the treatments both Jodi and I decided to chill out further in the tranquil relaxation room. It only then dawned on me how quiet this place was, obviously considering busy Manchester city was right above us. 

In this room you could have a sleep on one of the beds, relax in one of the hammock pods, or take advantage of the various teas available. There was detox, beauty, relax and refresh, I loved the detox one as it tasted like Christmas in a cup!

Finally we were off for our lunch in the Spa Café. You had a choice of an afternoon tea, (which did look very tasty after eyeing up other spa goers) or some sort of food platter. Both Jodi and I thought it would be good to have a nice healthy lunch before a spot of shopping in Manchester later. It was wonderful because when our time came to head out to eat, our food was all fresh and waiting for us. Jodi chose the protein lunch option (but gluten free) and I went for the super food lunch. Sort of tapas style with a few nibbles here and there to get your taste buds going. Initially it looked small but it actually wasn’t and was perfectly filling. 

After we had our lunch we decided to take one last stroll through the spa, got changed and headed back up to normality. As we were both stopping over that night we headed straight to the hotel… and both proceeded to have a well deserved sleep after our serene sleep treatments! I’ve been to a few spas before but this one has been my favourite so far and really convenient, unlike many others in the middle of the countryside. 

Treatment prices vary as do the treatments available. However one night spa breaks start from £129, where you will have full use of the private gym, thermal suit, relaxation room and the pool. There is also a robe and slippers ready for your arrival so you can really get yourself into relaxation mode. 

*This spa day was complimentary but all views and opinions are that of my own*



  1. August 19, 2016 / 7:15 am

    Looks like a really lovely day out. Sending this one over to the fiancee right now. Thanks for the tip!

  2. August 19, 2016 / 12:36 pm

    Oh wow – looks SO lovely! I have a spa day tomorrow! I can't express my excitement enough! H x

  3. August 19, 2016 / 2:38 pm

    Aw this looks so lovely. Im in dire need of some pampering so very jealous!

  4. August 19, 2016 / 7:06 pm

    Wow – this looks amazing. I could REALLY use a spa day!

  5. August 19, 2016 / 9:48 pm

    What a lovely day out with your friend. The spa looks lovely.

  6. August 20, 2016 / 9:18 am

    I've neverr had a spa day before. Mainly because I don't drive and, as you say, they're normally in the middle of nowhere. This is so convenient though!

  7. August 20, 2016 / 10:01 am

    Now I need a spa day – I love going to the spa every now and again X

  8. August 20, 2016 / 4:43 pm

    This looks and sounds amazing. I'm wanting a spa day for my birthday in November. This sounds fab and we live close enough to manchester too!

  9. August 20, 2016 / 6:53 pm

    This spa looks lovely! Hope you had an amazing time. I've NEVER actually been to a spa! 🙁

  10. August 21, 2016 / 2:23 pm

    I've been to the Midland hotel once before and it's pretty nice. The pool is small but you don't need it big when all you want to do is relax!

    Petra from

  11. August 21, 2016 / 2:23 pm

    I've been to the Midland hotel once before and it's pretty nice. The pool is small but you don't need it big when all you want to do is relax!

    Petra from

  12. August 21, 2016 / 5:22 pm

    I so need a spa day! It's been ages since I had one!

  13. August 21, 2016 / 5:31 pm

    Oh wow what an amazing spa day you had, I could really use a spa day at the moment. Stunning photography and the gym looked pretty swanky as well.

  14. August 21, 2016 / 9:58 pm

    This sounds perfect, could really do with something like this right now! Would be loving to book something like this for me and my best friend! 😀

  15. August 31, 2016 / 6:03 am

    Only downsides here was that I’m not sure if they were expecting such a crowd as they did not have nearly enough servers and sometimes it would take a really long time for service guy to come. But at venue Houston TX they tried to keep a smiles on their face.

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