Most people seem to have this unhealthy fear of bread. For some reason when the word ‘healthy living’ and ‘diet’ come into conversation, bread is immediately struck from that list. Why is that? What do people fear? It unfairly has  often been deemed as a ‘bad’ thing to eat. Understandable if you have some sort of intolerance to it then you can find alternative, but for all those who are afraid of keeping or adding bread into your life then I’ve got news for you on why it should be in your diet plan. 

I’m pleased to announce I’m working on a fantastic campaign with We Heart Bread. These are the the awesome pro bread group you may have seen me tweeting and instagramming about. The reason behind it their campaign is all about removing that unhealthy stigma stamp attached to bread. It should be enjoyed like everything in our diet – by keeping all things in moderation. Here are few little pointers on why bread is good. 

A lot of us don’t really know the true benefits of bread, and that different kinds provide different nutritional value. 

// Wholemeal bread is higher in fibre, iron and zinc. This is my normal go-to kind of bread.
// Seeded Bread is extra beneficial because those seeds, (which is my favourite kind) will provide extra iron, zinc and those super omega 3s
// Oaty Bread contains more oatmeal which as we know is a great source of soluble fibre. Anything oaty I think is always a smart choice at breakfast. 
// White Bread is fortified with calcium and provides b vitamins and iron.  See white bread can be good!

Pretty impressive really don’t you think? Plus if you stick with me over the next month you’ll find out what you can put with your bread to make a great nutrition meal. 

Avocado, tomato and scrambled on chia seed toast 

There was a long standing joke between my husband and I, (he’s an ex head chef) where he said the only things I could cook came on toast. Which was possibly true at the time – but I loved bread and still do! The lovely Faya from popular fitness blog, Fitness on Toast even says in her bio that most Brits always had something on toast to eat, which is why her blog has its name! It’s true we do love things on toast, cheese, beans, egg… but working out what to put on it is a big key factor in getting those great nutrients into our diet. 

With the lovely team at We Heart Bread I am taking on yet another fitness challenge, (which is a 10k run) to be Powered By Bread. Instead of ditching the yeast I’m going to be heading for flour power and keeping it steadily in my diet on my route to the finish line. 

Why should we actually have bread to help us on the way to training?

As you know I enjoy bread, one of my most favourite things to put on it is scrambled egg with low cream cheese, spinach and a little dash of marmite! That with a fruit tea is possibly my fave option for lunch when I’m working from home. Yum yum! So why is it good for us? Below are 10 reasons why we should all embrace the grainy goodness.

// 10 Reasons To Love Bread

  1. Complex carbohydrates… These are those super carbohydrates that slowly release into your blood stream. Essentially this is what will help you refrain from ‘crashing’ which many simple carbs do. What are simple carbs? They’re your sugary drinks and sugary foods. When you have complex carbs they put a longer run of energy into your system. For example bread during lunch will mean you won’t have that horrible 3pm lull! Regardless of what people think carbs are your friends, and we need at least 40% of complex carbs towards our total daily calorie allowance.
  2. Fibre fibre fibre… It keeps your system running and aids healthy digestion, not to mention helping give you that lovely feeling of fullness. You need to be aiming for around 18g a day of fibre – do you get that much? You’ll find fibre in grains, veggies and fruits. Cutting out carbs when you follow some diets and only eat protein , will mean you won’t see all the benefits of fibre in your diet – bread is full of fibre goodness!
  3. Fuelling it up! Carbs are the best thing for training to give you energy if you’re eating the right kind. Getting the jitters during training can be a good indicator of having a lack of energy, if you’re not getting your daily complex carb intake. Ever heard of carb loading? It’s what those doing races or fitness challenges tend to do the night before and on the day of the event. It gives you energy to burn… and you’ll find most will enjoy carbs post event to refuel.
  4. Bread can actually reduce bloating … Believe it or not! I used to think bread bloated me but it really doesn’t, mine was because I didn’t drink enough water. Carbs such as bread, rice, and potatoes are rich in fibre, which help a healthy digestive system! They actually reduce bloating and any bowel related issues. 
  5. Pre Sliced is nice! I love freshly made bread you have to slice yourself, but I could potentially cut more off than I should meaning a higher intake of calories than required. When you buy pre sliced loaves it actually can help you keep on top of your calorie intake. Most sliced loaves have an average of 80 calories per slice. 
  6. Vital nutrients…Bread on it’s own actually provides 10% of our daily requirements for calcium, iron and fibre alongside other essential nutrients.
  7. It’s low in sugar… I used to think it was packed full of sugar but it only contains 2-4 % of sugars which naturally occur.
  8. Mix it up! I would always think to avoid white bread but there is no reason to, white flours contain the same amount of vitamin B1 and iron, (which support energy) that are found in wholemeal and brown flour as well. I love trying new bread out and I’m a particular fan of anything seeded, at the moment I adore chia seeded bread!
  9. Affordable… Hate to say it but one loaf of bread can go a long way and make quite a few meals. I often freeze bread just so I always have some in, although fresh bread is the best! 
  10. It can make a great meal…Why not try my favourite? Scrambled egg and avocado on toast? Or make it healthier and chose a poached egg? I also like peanut butter and banana on toast as a refuelling pit stop! The possibilities of what you can put on toast are quite honestly endless.

As you can see there is a lot to love about bread from the information provided above. Weird that so many people want to cut it out – right? Still not 100% sure? Here is was nutritionist Lucy Jones says.

“Carbohydrates have been labelled the weight loss enemy in recent times due to popular diets such as Atkins, The South Beach or the Paleo diet. In fact, it is recommended that about a third of the food we eat should come from starchy carbohydrate foods, but in the UK we don’t eat enough

carbohydrates, particularly fibre[i]. Carbohydrates are a good source of energy and have the lowest calories per gram of any major nutrient. The right carbohydrates will help you to feel full between meals, reducing the need to snack. Many complex carbohydrates, such as bread, also contain other vital nutrients such as fibre which is needed for healthy digestion. In fact, both white and brown bread contribute 20% of the total dietary fibre intake for adults in the UK.”

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Don’t forget to follow the wonderful team at  @WeHeartBread – they’ll be telling more about all the amazing things about bread and what you can do with it. 

There you go, hopefully I’ve filled your minds with some reasons why bread is good, but the real question now is – are you going to join me being pro bread?

*Post in collaboration with We Heart Bread*