I have always been a big photography fan, I’ve never been on a course or anything, I’ve just self taught and let my hobby somewhat blossom over the years. I remember buying my first ‘proper’ camera from Jessops in Loughborough years ago, but unfortunately the shop closed down. I was actually quite saddened by this because the staff and service was always right on the mark – even for the most random camera questions they always would know how to solve the problem. 

Years have gone by since we lost Jessops in Loughborough, and luckily I’ve since worked quite closely with Jessops in some of their bigger stores. However I was most over the moon to discover there was a new shop opening in Leicester! Now if you know me, I don’t always like to write about store openings as I’m a bit unsure of how helpful or news worthy it is – but stick with me because there are some bits I know fellow local bloggers will love. 

Heading into the store that is opposite the Krispy Kreme cafe in Leicester’s Highcross, Jessops looks sparkly and new. The selection of camera brands are all displayed perfectly with lenses, accessories and other gadgets to get any tech lovers heart racing. Whilst exploring I couldn’t help but start mentally shopping for my next camera! 

Down the bottom end of the shop past the cameras are printing booths. Now, I would always use Boots printing services for any digital snaps I wanted copies of, but often the quality was horrendous and I’d of wasted lots of money doing it.  This gives you the option to download photos from your phone direct, or via memory card, or even via a cable. You can scroll through selecting the picture and the size. Worried about a photos quality? It’ll flag up if it’s not good enough quality for the size of your picture! You don’t even have to have it on photo paper, you can go big with a canvas! 

The best bit about Jessops for me has been the discovery of their Photo Academy. You may or may not have seen my taster course I did in London? Check it out here. Well, I’m so excited to say that Leicester is now going to be a hosting site for the Jessops Photo Academy too! Honestly these courses are fantastic so you should really have a look at them. I can’t wait to get stuck in with these courses, so be sure to check back and discover how I get on. 

Have you been into the new Jessops in Leicester yet? Do you fancy a photography course?