Why are you reading about sock you ask? Not the most exciting blog post but I’ve got to a point in my life where I care about the socks I wear. I don’t just grab a pair and go anymore, I actually chose carefully the socks I wear for the activities I am out to do. I’m going to share the socks you need from HJ Hall Socks and what they’re best for.

Walking and Hiking // If you do lots of hiking or walking chances are you will be needing a pair of socks that helps stop any rubbing on your walking boots. You need something quite chunky like those seen in 1. HJ Socks are my favourite ones for walking boots as they’re in girly colours but still do their job.

Gym and Fitness // Off to the gym? The obvious choice is of course trainer socks. I’ve worn my fair share of trainers socks, and whilst I always would grab a cheap pair I must admit that if you invest a little more the difference is amazing. I always wear great trainer socks for racers – why should training be any different?

Running and Post Race // I swear by compression socks post races like in number 2.  They really help keep your blood circulated so reduce any swelling. I love these.

Dog Walking and Being Outdoors // Muddy walks with the dog? Socks falling down? Nightmare! I swear by wellington socks like number 3. They stay up, keep your feet toasty as wellies don’t tend to be the best and warming your tooties!

Everyday // Gotta be number 6! I love a printed sock for everyday where, so with my jeans, popping out to the shops were my converse. Also in my opinion far easier to find when that terrible task if pairing socks emerges!

Loungewear and Chilling // The days I don’t have to go anywhere or do anything? Rare as they are at the moment, but if it does happen I am ALL about number 5. In fact I am wearing them in my onesie right now. Best pair of socks I have.


Bedtime // It’s a standing joke in my house how I’m the one with ‘frog feet’. My husband hates how when I get into bed I immediately put my feet on his warm legs to heat up. No more… I have bedtime socks like number 7.

I’ll admit this may not be my most exciting post but after I received some samples from HJ Hall socks, I decided that because I was genuinely impressed I’d explain why you need different socks for different activities. Are you bothered by the socks you were for the activities you do?